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Beyond IPv4: Addressing for the future

Addressing the internet Internet Protocol (IP) is the foundation that allows interconnected devices to communicate and transmit data across the internet. Similar to a telephone number, a connected device requires a unique IP address to ensure proper routing of information. There are two versions of the Internet Protocol in use today – IPv4 and IPv6. […]

Foundry Ads: Full funnel activation

Use first-party intent data to reach buyers at scale with precision.  

Get it together: how SDR, Sales and Marketing alignment can power your pipeline

By Josh Lord  It’s been more than a couple of years since the Sales Development Representative (SDR) role was based purely around the traditional sales floor method of cold calls and emails to prospective clients. In addition to outreach, the modern SDR function increasingly requires new skills, knowledge and teamwork – the latter in particular […]

Here’s how organizations are falling short addressing cyber risk

Security is finally being viewed as a critical business function by many senior management leaders and boards of directors. It has been on a growth path in that regard for the past five years. But in 2022, our Security Priorities Study shows some structural changes meant to affect better alignment with the business. In years […]

ABM & Intent Benchmarking Study

Tech marketers have taken a particular interest in account-based marketing (ABM), given the complex factors that influence IT purchases. Foundry’s second global survey of 500 B2B technology marketers found that satisfaction with ABM continues to be high. While most organizations are still early in their adoption journey, the results to date indicate that ABM is […]

ABM & Intent Benchmarking Study 2022 – White paper

For the second year in a row, Foundry’s survey of 500 B2B technology marketers found that satisfaction with ABM continues to be high. With 96% of respondents stating that their organization has a documented ABM strategy, the results indicate that ABM is on track to not only become a mainstream marketing discipline but even displace […]

What’s on the agenda for security leaders?

Foundry recently released our annual Security Priorities Study which examines the state of security in markets around the globe as well as the challenges that organizations face as they seek to manage information risk. Our research indicates security leaders have the following as their top security priorities for 2022 and beyond: Most important, is being […]

Creating your ABM target list using firmographics

Building your target account list is the first step in any good ABM strategy, but it can be tricky. Let us show you how to build one using firmographics. The main goal of an account-based marketing strategy is to eliminate marketing to uninterested buyers and in turn, increasing your attention and resources toward marketing to […]

Q&A: The future of GDPR in the marketing landscape

The B2B data space is evolving at break-neck speeds and with it spanning wider and wider, data privacy is an increasing concern for consumers, businesses, and the people whose job it is to use that data. One of the hardest parts is that people don’t know where to start. What is GDPR? How do I […]

Top 5 mistakes marketing teams make when tracking first-party intent

Buyer intent data is key to building your sales and marketing campaigns. Check out this article to make sure you’re doing it right! We’ve seen a lot of successes and a lot of “learning experiences” working with our customers to make the most of their first-party intent data. Here are some of the common mistakes […]

The definitive guide to activating intent data

Big data drives marketing strategies in every industry.  But with big data flooding in every day, marketers are still learning how to make sense of it all and use it in the cleanest and most productive ways.  The data you work with should help you refine your targeting strategies and develop actionable insights for your […]

3 steps to launch (or enhance) your account-based marketing strategy

Account-based marketing is the most powerful tool B2B marketers have. Find out how to launch an effective ABM strategy to drive higher quality leads. Account-based marketing is not a new concept. It’s been proven that personalization enhances customer experience, increases leads, and ultimately, drives more sales. But whether you’re a seasoned veteran and just need […]