Privacy / Compliance

Our relationships are built on earned trust and respect. Our focus on data privacy and safety is not just about complying with the law. It is fundamental to our integrity and the trusted relationships we have with our audience. As the data and privacy landscape evolves and new laws and regulations are passed, Foundry (formerly IDG Communications) will continue to be vigilant to ensure that we are compliant with all the new rules and regulations to protect your data security. Foundry is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). For CCPA compliance click here.

Data privacy, including GDPR compliance and data security, is our #1 priority

It’s in the best interests of our customers and the industry.

Foundry is fully compliant with GDPR

Our team is dedicated to your data security

  • Registration: New centralized registration platform
  • DPO: Dedicated Data Protection Officer
  • EU Privacy Specialist: Part of a team 100% focused on GDPR and data protection
  • Centralized Contact Center: Allows for full control and proper compliance
  • Proper Consent: All leads and data are lawfully obtained with proper consent
  • All EU Registered Users: Notified about new our privacy policy and compliance processes