Foundry connects your brand with security decision-makers. This audience is responsible for safeguarding their company’s information.

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Foundry’s editorial brands serve as reliable sources of trends, news, best practices, and beyond across IT teams.

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  • Insight into engagement, buying teams, and spending
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Topic Sponsorship

Increase brand awareness through a sponsorship of the Security topic pages across Foundry’s award winning B2B brand sites.

This month-long sponsorship includes:

  • Roadblock of banners on Security topic pages
  • Contextually & behaviorally targeted impressions
  • Editorial newsletter sponsorship

Context matters

Reach tech buyers in the spaces they rely on for security knowledge

Target the security buying team

The CIO brand provides technology marketers with a unique opportunity to reach an audience of more than 4 million chief information officers and IT thought leaders, who have significant buying power in 72 countries.

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CSO equips senior security leaders in all operational risk management disciplines — corporate and IT security, fraud and loss prevention, privacy, business continuity and more — with information of unparalleled depth and insight to support their decisions and investments.

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Computerworld is trusted by an audience of 12 million enterprise-level IT managers, in 47 countries, for industry insight, a peer perspective on IT leadership and real-world strategies for implementing technology solutions.

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InfoWorld is the go-to resource for developers, architects and business leaders launching next-generation initiatives on scalable cloud platforms. InfoWorld serves those determined to seek business advantage by staying ahead of the technology curve.

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Network World is the premier provider of information, intelligence and insight for over 2 million network and IT professionals in 14 countries.

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Security audience activation

Connect with in-market security decision-makers through targeted display ads, events, sponsorships, and more, in an environment they know and trust.

Event sponsorship

Our relationships with the market, and reputation for relevant information and leadership, pulls together a large and influential group of security decision-makers.


Create real opportunities with intent-driven advertising that drives measurable results.

Brand experiences

Data-driven storytelling that engages throughout the buyer’s journey.

“Foundry’s end-to-end marketing services helped BMC Helix seamlessly and efficiently elevate our brand message.”

Vidhya Srinivasan, VP Solution Marketing, BMC Helix

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Audience FAQ

  • How does Foundry source their audiences?

    Foundry customers benefit from access to exclusive first-party data built on our owned network of sites and audiences, which powers our ads and editorial outcomes. Our audiences are real people, based on real data from known, direct, consented and contextual relationships and connected brand experiences. Our proprietary first-party data is a walled garden (no coop/selling), it is not compiled or aggregated from disparate, disconnected sources.

  • How can I determine my audience size?

    Our dedicated sales and operations teams will work with you to determine your audience size based on your targeting criteria and timeline. Contact a sales rep today for a full audience analysis.

  • Is Foundry data impacted by third-party cookies?

    No. Foundry’s first-party data is a walled garden. We operate with our own database, positioning us as a robust advertising and intent data partner. We provide a secure and reliable environment and our walled garden approach ensures that we are not reliant on third-party cookies.