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Foundry’s Observations for the Year Ahead – 2023

We surveyed leaders across our company for their predictions for the new year. From trust and transparency to B2B influencer marketing here are the top marketing observations for the year ahead: 1. Matt Yorke: Trust & Transparency Ripple Through the Marketing Ecosystem Chief Revenue Officer, Foundry Clients and agencies will gravitate further toward trusted sources […]

Tips to nurture marketing qualified leads to sales accepted leads

Studies show that 65% of companies don’t have a lead nurturing strategy in place. Why is this an issue? Because companies that have a working lead nurturing strategy produce 50% more sales-ready leads, at a staggering one-third of the cost. All too often, we see IT and tech organizations make this mistake in their pursuit of sales accepted leads […]

Foundry Ads: Engagement

Case Study: Dimension Data Engage with your target account list to drive outcomes and proactively get your message in front of key decision-makers.    

Understanding the Security-Specific Purchase Process [Infographic]

Based on our 2022 Security Priorities research, 52% of IT decision-makers expect their security budget to increase in the next 12 months. This infographic shares insight into the security-specific purchase process, such as types of purchases being made whether they be additions, upgrades or replacements, the content types and top information sources relied upon by […]

What no event marketer ever wants to hear from their sales department

I recently had a state-of-the-business discussion with the event sales leadership and team at large. It’s a conversation that I like to have once a quarter to ensure that our products are reflecting the market needs and that we are continuing to deliver relevant events. This past round of meetings resonated with me on a […]

4 content marketing tips B2B marketers should know for 2023

As marketers in the B2B world, we know that marketing trends come and go, and we must adapt as the world and technology changes around us. This past year, we learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t in terms of content. Attending events this year, such as INBOUND by HubSpot, taught us a […]

Intel Evo: Case Study

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Customer Engagement Study 2022

Over the past two years, organizations turned to technology to mitigate the impact of the pandemic, which ultimately accelerated digital transformation. As IT and business leaders review the initiatives put into place, they are now transitioning to supporting the business value of these initiatives and exploring solutions to improve the customer experience, improve internal processes, […]

Customer Engagement White Paper 2022

Based on Foundry’s 2022 Customer Engagement research, this white paper provides insight into the content types and vendor engagement preferences of IT decision-makers (ITDMs) as these individuals have increased pressure on them to provide technology solutions for today’s economic disruptions. This year’s study found that 91% of ITDMs are still challenged to find high-quality content, however […]

How to create an ABM strategy in 5 steps

By Grace Howard, Triblio The rise of ABM (account-based marketing) hasn’t been a passing fad. In fact, in 2022 Foundry found that 96% of marketers have a documented ABM strategy and that 94% of marketers rate ABM as extremely or very important to their overall marketing objectives. Account-based marketing is a B2B marketing strategy in […]

Website conversion rate

Your website conversion rate is the number of leads that reach out directly through your website channels such as website pop up, lead form, email, etc. divided by the total number of website visitors. The equation looks like this:  # of Inbound Leads ÷ Total # of Website Visitors The main goal of optimizing your […]