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Foundry Ads

Target in-market buyers on the sites they trust — at global scale

Create real opportunities with intent-driven advertising that drives measurable results.

Generate opportunities with intent-driven advertising.

Effective precision advertising at scale


Audience members means you can confidently reach buyers at scale


Targeting dimensions — including intent, persona, and firmographic points — ensure your reach has relevance


Of visitors take action after engaging with content on Foundry’s award-winning editorial sites


Unmatched intent-driven data accuracy

The accuracy of our data is unmatched; we have the most comprehensive proprietary data and intent signals at the individual level. With 50+ data points per individual, we can ensure your ads engage your target account list at the right time or we can build a custom account list based on Foundry Intent data and your account profile.

Trusted to promote brands around the world

Dig deeper into our ad network and capabilities

  • Award-winning editorial content adjacency
  • Intent-driven ad targeting capabilities
  • Brand safe and trusted environments
  • Available formats including native & video
  • Outcomes-based advertising solutions

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Support for the full funnel with ads-driven outcomes

Designed to align to common marketing objectives, Foundry Ads campaigns are built to offer the best of awareness and engagement display tactics to deliver strong, measurable results. And with Foundry Intent data layered into each program, your ads are guaranteed to reach only the most relevant buyers at scale.

Awareness and thought leadership

Drive awareness alongside Foundry’s award-winning global media ecosystem. Tap into hard-to-reach audiences and build scale on and off domain.


Engage with your target account list to drive outcomes and proactively get your message in front of key decision-makers.

Full funnel activation

Use first-party intent data to reach buyers at scale with precision.

Customer success

OpenText brand-to-demand program influences $2M+ in pipeline

In partnering with Foundry to build a brand-to-demand content strategy and advertising program, OpenText leveraged Foundry’s intent data to reach buyers along the buying cycle, and saw a significant lift in brand awareness that had a direct positive impact on revenue.


Pipeline generated in 6 months


Targeted impressions delivered


Pageviews generated

Featured on our established editorial sites

Confidently position your brand to relevant buyers alongside high-trafficked content on our reputable editorial sites, with exclusive, consistent placement that champions your brand every time.

Unparalleled insights into your audience at every stage

Backed by data at every step, Foundry Ads reporting builds more context around advertising metrics to deliver measurable lift from brand to demand campaigns.

  • Detailed impressions report
  • Total page views generated
  • Target account list data analysis
  • Surging intent topics
  • Engagement metrics

Supporting products & services

Amplify the impact of advertising with integrated solutions from Foundry designed to take ad spend further.


Foundry intent supports Foundry advertising with precision targeting that places your messaging in front of buyers exactly when and where it will have the greatest impact.

Lead generation

Give lead generation campaigns a lift with dynamic advertising that builds relevant awareness and yields better performance for all your demand efforts.


Surround the buying committee and connect the dots between ad impact, page views, and pipeline.

Frequently asked questions

  • Where will my ads be displayed & who will see them?

    Depending on the package, your ads will be displayed alongside relevant content on our reputable owned & operated editorial sites, and/or on vetted external properties that your buyers visit most. Ads will be served to members of our global audience that meet your targeting parameters (including intent topics), with audience expansion available based on traffic to your brand’s sites and/or lookalike audiences.

  • What are the most common ad dimensions?

    Foundry supports a range of ad formats including various display banners, search, native, video, social, and OTT.
    Common display ad sizes include:

    • – Welcome Ad (640×480)
    • – Billboard (970×250)
    • – Half Page (300×600)
    • – IMU (300×250)
    • – Leaderboard (728×90)
  • Where does Foundry get its ad data from and how are ads served to the right buyers?

    Foundry ads customers benefit from access to exclusive audiences that are a part of the Foundry ecosystem of over 300 million global records. Our data originates from digital and non-digital sources—including our intent data from Foundry’s owned and operated network of award-winning editorial sites, social platforms and sites across the public web, as well as from Foundry’s 16,000+ annual event attendees—to ensure precision targeting.

  • Who can access Foundry’s ad inventory?

    Ad space on Foundry’s owned and operated sites is exclusively available to Foundry customers. We do not make our inventory available on the public market, which enables us to keep customer ads and accompanying editorial content mutually relevant while ensuring high-quality visits.

  • What pricing options are available for Foundry ads?

    Foundry ads packages are charged on either a cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-viewable-impressions (vCPM) basis.

    For more information about Foundry Ads pricing, please contact our sales team.

  • What is standard frequency capping?

    Standard frequency capping limits the number of times that your ads are served to the same person. Frequency refers to the number of times a user sees ads over a set given time period. Foundry observes standard frequency capping best practices in all of our programs to ensure that ads remain relevant to viewers and prompt progressive action. Typically, we cap views of ads to 3 impressions per person per 8 hours (a standard workday for B2B), but this is subject to change depending on campaign objectives and KPIs.

  • What other Foundry programs/solutions can be supported by Foundry Ads?

    Our integrated model means that all of our solutions are designed to work together to drive better performance and results across channels. Foundry Ads can be supported by Foundry Intent, leveraged alongside Foundry demand generation campaigns and within Foundry’s ABM orchestration platform, and to support Foundry event and research initiatives.