Data driven media and martech solutions

Fueled by data, our solutions help you navigate the entire tech buyer’s journey. From driving awareness and understanding intent signals, to increasing engagement and conversion, we know how to supercharge your marketing. Simplify your marketing with our media and martech solutions. 

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Leads generated in 2021.


Annual site visitors


Global tech events


Multiple intent sources combine to capture buying behavior where it happens – giving you the power to take action.


Together, sales and marketing can predict and grow pipeline through intent and account-based orchestration campaigns – resulting in more deals won.


Our world-class media brands reach technology executives and enthusiasts alike. Build awareness and drive demand in an environment that’s relevant to your buyers.


Our events create the ideal environment for IT leaders and tech vendors to connect, learn and develop relationships at a global, regional and virtual level.

Global Partner Solutions

As your partner programs grow, they become more complex. We help craft, execute, and measure them, working hand-in-hand with your team to deliver targeted, customized activity that can scale.

Content Strategy

With our deep understanding of the technology landscape and buyer behavior, we can design custom reach and create content marketing solutions that drive action.

Sales Development Services

Improve your conversion rate and drive success by passing your business development, lead nurturing and upselling activity to an experienced, global partner.

“IDG has a very deep understanding of our tech buyer’s needs. In addition, they are a trusted advisor to our tech buyers. They help us have meaningful engagement with the tech buyers we want to reach. Their knowledge and partnership is key to our success in targeting and engaging the right buyers at the right time, and delivering bottom line results.”

— Lisa McLaine, Global Marketing Director, Unisys