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State of the CIO executive summary 2023

Recent economic and geopolitical challenges have prompted organizations across most industries to prioritize cost management and performance optimization. Both dynamics have kept CIOs’ focus on operations even while their leadership role expands in preparation for the next wave of digital innovation. The 2023 State of the CIO Study, which surveyed 837 IT leaders and 201 […]

State of the CIO Study 2023

This year, organizations are prioritizing cost management and performance optimization as the economy continues to be in an unprecedented state. But CIOs are remaining optimistic and focusing on operations even while their leadership role expands in preparation for the next wave of digital innovation. Foundry’s annual State of the CIO research highlights this shift in […]

Avast: Case Study

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Top 7 Demand Gen Red Flags (and how B2B marketers should address them)

Qualified leads are the lifeblood of any successful performance marketing strategy geared towards driving measurable revenue growth. And as budgets tighten while goals skyrocket, marketers are being asked to meet higher lead targets than ever—often with only their existing resources. Marketers turn to demand generation, and demand generation providers, as a reliable way to feed […]

Events Intelligence: Webinar series

The Events Intelligence Webinar Series is a bi-monthly digital program. It provides tech marketers with cutting-edge research on the latest trends in event marketing, tips on connecting with key IT decision-makers, and strategies to create meaningful connections at both digital and in-person events.

CMO Perspectives: Jamie Domenici, Chief Marketing Officer, GoTo

In this episode of CMO Perspectives, Jamie Domenici, Chief Marketing Officer at GoTo, joins Foundry’s Global CRO, Matt Yorke, to discuss the company’s transformation and rebrand from LogMeIn to GoTo in 2022. GoTo helps small and growing businesses focus on communicating with and supporting their customers and employees. Rebuilding GoTo’s brand identity and go-to-market strategy […]

Can martech lead us back to the empathy at the core of marketing in 2023?

In a space so characterized by continuous evolution as B2B marketing, the new year reliably brings about a litany of predictions on how, what, and why we will change the way we work in the coming 12 months. Advancements in martech, new content marketing techniques, tightening of data compliance, and a version of shifting focus from the […]

The Sales Development Landscape 2023: The return of hybrid outsourcing

This survey was conducted in Q4 2022, as the global technology industry reached the peak of the long boom that started after the Great Financial Crisis. 2022 was also a year in which the proportion of technology companies pursuing a mixed strategy of in-house and outsourced sales development reached the highest levels recorded during the […]

Blend of both: in-house & outsourced sales development services

Sales development is a key driver for the success of any organization, ensuring that leads are identified, properly qualified and identified as a near term prospect before being swiftly transferred to sales representatives when the likelihood of a sale is high. As we know, sales development is complex, requiring an experienced team, dedicated sales development […]

Treasure Data converts 35% of contacts to MQLs with Foundry Intent

The Problem Treasure Data had a number of tools in place to give its marketing and sales teams access to account-level data, but it wanted deeper insights into the contacts within those accounts. Despite a comprehensive marketing approach that leveraged key channels, content, virtual events, and webinars, Treasure Data’s marketers felt they may be missing […]

Your Lead Scoring Workbook

We all know that leads are the lifeblood for business opportunities. No matter the organization or industry, lead generation is hugely important and demands a lot of employees, time, and money. However, a successful lead generation strategy doesn’t stop when you have a big pile of leads. That’s only half the battle. Lead scoring will […]

Lead scoring strategy to improve your pipeline

We know that high-quality leads have a clear business need and immediacy for the solutions you offer. The question is: How do we get these leads to sales development for nurturing in a quick and efficient way? The answer is lead scoring and automation. Before lead nurturing can take place, it is important to qualify […]