Demand gen solutions

Intent-driven leads from across the buying team

Reach global audiences demonstrating intent and generate demand that drives strong pipeline with digital, data-driven solutions from Foundry.

Discover the difference digital engagement makes to your pipeline.

Global first-party audience profiles


Intent signals captured per week


Monthly views on our award-winning B2B properties

Nurture and convert engaged buyers

Effective content marketing is the key to demand gen success. Foundry’s proprietary lead gen platform serves a digital, branded, and customized experience to decision makers from your target accounts, and delivers engagement insights that help you build solid business-to-buyer relationships at global scale.

Backed by digital engagement with your content, demand gen solutions from Foundry deliver verified in-market first-party leads that drive stronger, more accurate pipeline.

Align & build trust with leads along the buyer journey

Generate qualified leads, based on topical intent, with your content gated on Foundry’s trusted B2B sites. Publishing your content with Foundry lets you expand your reach to potential prospects where they are actively looking for technology insights.

Promote white papers, research, videos & webcasts, eBooks, case studies and more in relevant and trusted settings that our first-party audience of buyers turn to for their purchase research. Leverage custom Foundry programs to influence decision makers along their buyer journey and drive outcomes.

Tap into demand from the most robust set of intent data on the market

Backed by Foundry Intent, our demand gen solutions reach already-active buyers aligned to your ideal customer profile and demonstrating buying behavior. We derive our data from multiple sources including declared and valuable behavioral intelligence:

  • Premium media brands
  • Content engagement
  • Event registrations
  • Branded conversations
  • Newsletter subscriptions
  • Whitepaper downloads
  • Pricing pages
  • Search data

B2B brands rely on Foundry to scale growth

Case study

Qualified digital engagement drives over 3000x cumulative ROI for Dynatrace

Dynatrace turned to Foundry to leverage our best-in-class intent data and increase MQLs by 30%. With Foundry’s content syndication platform, Dynatrace not only exceeded targets with over 450 digitally engaged MQLs, but drove opportunities across the pipeline that led to measurable revenue growth.


9-month cumulative ROI


Net-new first-party leads


Digitally engaged MQLs

“With Foundry, we’re getting a higher quality MQL. The engagement we’re seeing speaks to the cumulative ROI of the program, with these leads converting into measurable revenue growth.”

— Amy Horgan, Director of North America Marketing, Dynatrace

“Foundry gave us a much more contextual understanding of real-time intent and enabled us to leverage leads to their fullest extent to reap strong pipeline and ROI. Their quality data and fresh approach to traditional content syndication pays off.”

Vice President, Global Customer Marketing, Qlik

Supporting products & services

Leverage products and services across the Foundry suite to seamlessly convert leads showing real-time intent into closed business.

Foundry Intent

Activate contact-level data from Foundry Intent with demand gen solutions that proactively nurture prospects in buying mode with content designed to influence decisions.


Explicitly target in-market and named accounts with Foundry demand gen solutions, or bring content syndication into existing ABM orchestration to influence and engage the buying committee.

Foundry Ads

Advertising works best when the same buyers are being targeted on multiple channels. Lift the performance of demand gen and surround the buying committee with Foundry Ads.

Sales Development Services

Looking for results further down the funnel? Sales development services from Foundry converts engaged leads into booked meetings for your sales team.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are demand gen solutions?

    Demand gen solutions are a set of strategies and tactics used to increase demand for products and services. These solutions are typically deployed as part of  an overall marketing strategy and involves activities such as leveraging digital channels (e.g., search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising, content marketing, etc.), creating campaigns targeting specific customer segments, generating leads via events or webinars, utilizing lead referrals from current customers, conducting market research on target audiences and other methods designed to drive interest in a brand’s offerings.

    When it comes to the specific activities involved in demand gen solutions, there can be quite a range of options depending on the particular organization’s individual needs and goals.

    For example:

    • Developing lead nurturing strategies to maximize lifetime value
    • Creating compelling offers that attract prospective buyers
    • Analyzing metrics for conversion rate optimization
    • Building comprehensive dashboards with key performance indicators (KPIs)
    • Utilizing sales automation software like Salesforce CRM
    • Deploying modern technologies like AI/machine learning algorithms for predictive analytics


    In addition to these tactical measures, successful demand gen solutions often involve the development of strong partner relationships that support increased market share through mutual referral networks or co-marketed initiatives. Ultimately though, each company should assess their own resources when selecting potential callouts into this space since different organizations may have different levels of expertise when it comes to building up their offerings.

  • What are examples of demand gen solutions?

    Demand gen solutions are strategies used to target specific audiences and motivate them to take action or purchase a product or service. These types of solutions can help businesses increase their visibility and generate leads in order to grow their customer base.

    One example of a demand gen solution is content marketing. Content marketing involves creating blogs, videos, webinars, eBooks, infographics, podcasts, etc., all with the goal of providing helpful information that appeals to an audience. It helps build trust between a business and its customers by sharing informative content without overtly selling products or services. This type of solution is effective because it allows businesses to position themselves as industry thought leaders and attract more people who are interested in learning about the company’s offerings.

    Another popular demand gen solution is email marketing campaigns. An email list provides a direct line of communication (with permission) between businesses and potential customers; emails can be sent out on new product launches/updates related promotions/discounts, surveys for feedback & testimonials from existing customers — all helping promote better customer relationships while also generating qualified leads who may become paying customers down the line!

  • How are my leads generated and qualified?

    Foundry prioritizes the use of our owned and operated properties to generate leads by monitoring and capturing digital engagement with your content from visitors to our sites and members of our 150M+ global database. Leads that meet your target criteria are qualified by active digital engagement with your content assets in a branded environment.

    For solutions requiring detailed information from prospects such as purchase budget and timeline, Foundry may use human verification to collect and certify these datapoints.

  • Where will my content be hosted?

    Your content will be hosted on the owned and operated, award-winning editorial sites of ours most relevant to your product or service offering, and/or on a microsite dedicated to your brand, content, and program objective.

    Foundry is committed to ensuring the safety and supporting awareness of our clients’ brands and have designed our demand gen environments to be relevant, contextual, and intentional in showcasing your brand, content, and offerings.

  • Will I receive my leads at an even pace?

    Lag time and bulk lead deliveries at the end of a campaign overtax the teams responsible for nurturing and converting these leads into opportunities, and can cause recant rate of over 20%. Foundry recognizes that a backloaded approach to delivering leads defeats the purpose of demand gen.

    Because we prioritize digital delivery methods and look first to activity within our proprietary database, Foundry ensures timely and consistent delivery of leads that teams can actually convert.



  • How is Foundry different from a lead aggregator?

    Unlike vendors that rely on list buying and aggregating to fulfill lead quotas, Foundry generates, captures, and delivers demand from our proprietary database of 150M+ engaged audience members so that you can fuel global pipeline at scale.




  • What measures do you take to ensure compliance with relevant laws (GDPR, CASL, CCPA, etc.)?

    Non-compliant sourcing of data can have tremendous legal implications for marketers receiving leads. Working with Foundry means always working to compliantly source personal data at scale. Whereas most vendors struggle to deliver contact-level data outside of the US, Foundry has led in investing resources to grow, activate, and deliver compliant data around the world.

    Operating as an independent data controller, we acquire records through organic and compliant methods via our owned and operated sites. Foundry offers leads sourced using compliant methods from the US, Canada, South America, Europe and Asia, and delivers leads that you can nurture at scale when used in a compliant manner.



  • What pricing options are available for Foundry demand gen solutions?

    Because we offer a variety of demand gen solutions to best suit your pipeline needs, our pricing models may vary from solution to solution, although most solutions have a cost-per-lead foundation. To learn more about pricing for Foundry demand gen, reach out to our sales team.

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