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Transitioning to Digital: 4 Digital Event Types and How to Use Them

As an event marketer, you may suddenly be faced with a whole host of unfamiliar digital or virtual event types that are being offered up as ways to leverage the work you have already put into your physical events presence and continue to drive leads. To help you decide which format is right for the […]

2020 State of the Network Executive Summary

To position their organization for future growth, IT decision-makers are eyeing several new technologies. This executive summary, based on the 2020 State of the Network research, looks at the current status of networking technologies such as 5G, SD-WAN and edge computing, and the benefits or challenges they are expected to bring to organizations. Within the […]

2020 State of the Network Study

The 2020 State of the Network research was conducted to better understand the role of the networking professional by looking at their level of collaboration with business leaders, their current activity with technology initiatives, and the challenges they are experiencing. This year’s research specifically focuses on four main networking technologies – 5G, SD-WAN, edge computing […]

IDG’s Brands Serve Unprecedented User Demand with Focused, Quality Content

IDG’s global portfolio of trusted editorial brands continues to serve its worldwide audience of IT decision-makers and technology consumers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Our editors didn’t miss a beat in switching to remote working, and our Quality Matters, reader-focused mission means that IDG’s brands are the place to find independent, expert advice on how to […]

Helping IT Lead “Business as Usual” Operations in a Work from Home Environment

For more than 50 years, IDG’s global enterprise brands have represented communities of IT decision-makers in multiple languages across the globe. Together we have seen the technology and business landscape transform, as well as the need for technology to surge during times of uncertainty, like today. Each of our brands provides uniquely useful information and […]

Surrounding Your Life with Tech: Insights to Work, Educate & Play @ Home

IDG’s global network of B2C publications are where transaction happens, providing expert advice on purchasing technology, and getting more from the tech our readers own. We are seeing unprecedented demand for our high-quality independent buying and user advice, as people are forced to rely on the tech they have in their homes. As global traffic […]

IDG Launches New Resource for Channel Partners During COVID-19 Pandemic

As COVID-19 concerns continue to escalate, and the economic ramifications ring out across the industry, the technology channel is being tested to the limit. IDG’s Channel publications in Asia are here to provide the insights and information they need with COVID-19 Central. These portals can be viewed here: ARN (Australia) Reseller News (New Zealand) Channel […]

CIO Tech Poll: Tech Priorities 2020 Executive Summary

The CIO Tech Poll: Tech Priorities 2020 research outlines the technology areas that IT leaders will focus on in the upcoming year and measures the spending direction for each of these technologies. Even before the global pandemic brought by COVID-19, the focus on balancing innovation and securing the organization were top of mind, as the results found […]

CSO Pandemic Impact Survey

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, social and work restrictions have been in place in many areas throughout the United States since mid-March. To get a better understanding of how organizations were prepared from a security perspective and the impact that security leaders expect to be long lasting, CSO conducted the CSO Pandemic Impact Survey, which surveyed […]

CSO Pandemic Impact Survey

With the imposition of social and work restrictions imposed by governments and businesses in response to the novel coronavirus COVID-19, organizations around the U.S. are coming face-to-face with the new “normal”, and it’s turning out to be anything but. From the beginning it’s been clear that the rules we have operated under for decades are changing…and […]

Security Impact of COVID-19 [Infographic]

Based on the CSO Pandemic Impact Survey, which was fielded between March 19-23, 2020, this infographic outlines how COVID-19 is affecting the security within organizations. As employees rapidly transitioned to working from home, IT and security departments were tasked with making sure their security infrastructure was prepared. Continue reading below to see how businesses have […]

Content Marketing Strategy: Earn Your Way into Consideration

IDG’s 2019 Customer Engagement study found 72% of technology buyers say it’s challenging to find credible content. Why, we wonder, in a landscape where organizations are publishing a variety of marketing materials, is it difficult for tech buyers to locate enough quality, trusted information? The disparity here lies not with a lack of content, because […]