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This episode offers a rich exploration of the importance of communication, understanding partnership goals, and the timeless mantra that ‘Content is King’. Rick sits down with Hondo Lewis, Foundry’s Sr. Director of Sales, as he shares his remarkable journey from Bay Area band life to a leading figure in Partner Marketing at Foundry. Hondo reflects on his experiences, from selling newspaper ads to cultivating global B2B relationships. Tune in now to explore the core components of successful partner marketing programs, the dynamics of scaling partnerships, and the nuances of driving digital engagements.

Navigating the world of partner marketing: insights from Hondo Lewis

In the latest episode of On the Road, Rick Currier sits down with Hondo Lewis to dive deep into the intricacies of partner marketing. With a background that spans from local touring with his band, Soul Americano, to leading sales teams at Foundry, Hondo brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to the table.

From the stage to the boardroom

Hondo’s journey is nothing short of fascinating. As the lead singer and percussionist of Soul Americano, he captivated audiences with their Afro Latin funk rock and roll. Reflecting on those days, Hondo shared, “We did Afro Latin funk rock and roll. Yeah it was fun. It was good. Good times during the early 2000s”​​. This passion for performance seamlessly transitioned into his professional life, where he now drives successful partnerships in the tech industry.

The evolution of a marketer

Hondo’s career began in the consumer side of the business, where he was instrumental in driving traffic to retailers. “I cut my teeth in the newspaper world… then moved over to the glossy world, the city mags with national rep. That was handling auto finance with liquor,” Hondo recounted​​. This early experience laid a solid foundation for his later success in B2B marketing, where he emphasizes the importance of data and tangible outcomes.

Transitioning from B2C to B2B was a significant shift for Hondo. He highlighted the difference, noting, “There’s a lot of selling the dream. Here it was definitely selling data… I was delivering actual outcomes”​​. This move to a data-driven approach has been pivotal in his role at Foundry, where he supports partner marketing teams across various tech companies.

Partner marketing: a collaborative endeavour

One of the core themes of the discussion was the importance of collaboration in partner marketing.

“Be a good co-partner and you know really understand what the other side of the aisle wants from you. The best partnerships and the best kind of better together stories… are the partner marketers that are collaborative”​​. – Hondo Lewis

This collaborative spirit is essential for creating successful marketing campaigns and fostering long-term partnerships.

Rick and Hondo also discussed the role of regional differences in global marketing strategies. While every region has its unique approach, Hondo pointed out that “there’s not a partner marketer out there… that is going to say no to help… if they can get some data points from their demand center team, they’re gonna take it”​​. This willingness to integrate support and data from various sources underscores the collaborative nature of effective partner marketing.

A toast to success

The episode concluded on a lighter note, with Rick and Hondo sharing a drink and reminiscing about their experiences. Whether discussing the finer points of Basil Hayden’s bourbon or recounting bar stories from Fleet Week in San Francisco, their camaraderie was evident. “Some things never change, do they?” Rick quipped, to which Hondo replied, “Some things never change”​​. This lighthearted banter added a personal touch to an insightful conversation about the dynamic world of partner marketing.

In summary, Hondo Lewis’s journey from a performer to a leading figure in partner marketing offers valuable lessons in collaboration, adaptability, and the importance of data-driven strategies. His insights are a testament to the evolving nature of marketing and the enduring value of strong partnerships.

Hondo L. Lewis is the Sr, Director of Sales, Commercial & Global Partner Solutions at Foundry.

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