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Our global media brands build real relationships, generating intent data you can trust.

What’s new at Foundry, our flagship brand, has been reimagined. It all started with the question, “How can we make a great brand and deep relationships even stronger?”

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Building on the launch of Foundry Intent last fall, Sales Acceleration delivers Foundry Intent insights to sales reps directly in their CRM. Powered by Triblio.

Sales Acceleration Launch

Foundry appoints Manoj Goyal as Chief Product Officer. The enterprise technology veteran joins Foundry as the company accelerates development of next-generation B2B marketing platform.

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Welcome to Foundry

We’re an organization that generates and innovates with data, to drive demand for technology marketers everywhere.


We help technology marketers and agencies drive awareness and achieve their objectives by engineering the right combination of media solutions – advertising, demand generation, content, research, and events.

Our model is based on data that’s generated, with full consent, from our award winning editorial brands. And because outcomes speak volumes, we measure ourselves on results.


Our software and martech solutions include a best-in-class Account-Based Marketing (ABM) platform, intent data platform, Data-as-a-Service and an email marketing platform built for B2B.

These tools provide technology companies with buyer insight and intelligent foresight. They fuel demand generation, fill pipelines, and drive return on investment, helping technology marketers all over the world achieve their ambitions.


We know buying doesn’t happen all in one place, and intent data needs to represent everywhere buyers are active. Our deep relationships with technology buyers offer marketers an unprecedented level of clarity into the buyer journey with intent data they can trust.

Foundry Intent captures and unifies diverse signals from a variety of digital and non-digital sources to deliver a full picture of buying activity all in one place—with the granularity and decision-maker data you need to activate it.


As an authority in the tech industry for 50+ years, we understand the value of fostering robust events that bring technology leaders together to collaborate, innovate, and discover.

Confidence in our brand and reputation makes our events a trusted destination for buyers and suppliers of technology products alike. We create an environment where IT professionals and decision makers from reputable companies can connect, learn, and forge meaningful connections at 800+ events annually.

Our brands

Our trusted brands have guided the technology decision making process globally for more than 50 years

Our responsibility

We’re passionate about the fact that technology can be a force for good. Leveraged wisely, it can have a hugely positive influence—and to this end we’re driving progress in a number of areas, including diversity and inclusion, tech accessibility, and women in leadership.

About us

At Foundry,* we’ve been at the forefront of the technology sphere since 1964. We’re proud to be an authority in the tech industry, reaching audiences all over the world.

We’re part of a vibrant community of technology buyers, and when we interact with them, we learn about them. Thanks to intent data, we understand our audiences like no one else – and as a result, we’re able to create the media and software solutions that help technology vendors guide decisions.

*an IDG, Inc. company