In this episode of CMO Perspectives, Meaghan Moore, Vice President of Global Partner Marketing at ServiceNow, engages in a conversation with Foundry’s Global CRO, Matt Yorke. As head of the partner marketing department, Meaghan Moore shares insights on the resurgence of face-to-face events, the importance of maintaining global consistency while being locally relevant, and the significance of establishing a team founded on trust. 

Unlocking Digital Strategies to Enhance Intimacy in Events 

For decades, many partners relied on more traditional, face-to-face customer engagement approaches, allocating the lion’s share of their marketing dollars to travel and entertainment (T&E) budgets. The onset of the COVID-19 shift caused significant swings in recent years, particularly during the height of the pandemic’s isolation, leading to the disappearance of T&E and a universal pivot toward digital engagement. However, in the past six months, there has been a notable resurgence in in-person events, driven by a collective longing for face-to-face connections. 

Innovative digital technology has transformed events into multi-touch experiences, seamlessly blending digital elements throughout their orchestration. Moore says, “Events are much more intimate and customized to attendees. With the onset of AI, and all this digital marketing, there is a much better opportunity to do a multi-touch campaign.” This post-pandemic event style extracts more value from each gathering, extending their impact and duration. In essence, events have not only made a robust comeback but have emerged stronger, leveraging invaluable lessons learned during the digital revolution of the pandemic. Moore states, “It is a much more sophisticated event roadmap than it used to be.” Events now offer a more intimate and tailored experience for attendees, transcending the simple act of collecting business cards or scanning badges. 

Implementing a Locally Replicated High-Growth Model for Business Success 

Moore explains that leveraging partner marketing is crucial for reaching a broader market and achieving ServiceNow’s ambitious growth objectives. The packages and services provided by ServiceNow to their partners enable them to capture a larger market share and significantly enhance ServiceNow’s presence. Yorke emphasizes the importance of remaining “globally consistent but locally relevant,” an idea further expanded upon by Moore. She explains the process as a progression from globalization to regionalization and finally to localization. The global strategy and infrastructure are developed by a top-level team, requiring adherence from all regions. Sales areas then proceed to localize it, tailoring content to suit the language, customs, or the unique ambiance of the respective area.  

Moore explains that it is important to cascade these KPIs throughout the organization. For optimal efficiency, collaboration among all participants is crucial, coupled with a clear understanding of each individual’s role within the business framework. “It’s like the old adage of the kindergarten soccer team,” Moore chuckles, “Everyone can be scrambling toward the ball at the same time; that’s going to get us nowhere. But if we can put people on the field, spread them out, give them each a different position, and work towards the same objective, we’re going to be way more efficient.” 

Earning Trust & an Enthusiasm for Change 

Yorke & Moore emphasize the importance of trust, both within the organization and in external partnerships. Moore underscores the pivotal role of trust among partners, highlighting their reliance on ServiceNow to develop programs, solutions, and incentives aligned to their business models. This trust extends internally, as Moore emphasizes that teams with high trust and collaboration yield extraordinary results. 

Moore’s enthusiasm for change stems from enriching the experiences of ServiceNow’s employees, partners, and customers. This enthusiasm reflects a commitment to driving positive transformations across the organization as a whole. As Moore aptly expresses, “We are building something unique here. You need to have a tremendous amount of change, enthusiasm, and motivation to push yourself to the next level.” 


About ServiceNow 

ServiceNow’s cloud-based platform and solutions help digitize and unify organizations so that they can find smarter, faster, better ways to make workflow. So, employees and customers can be more connected, more innovative, and more agile. 

About Meaghan Moore 

Meaghan, with extensive experience at SAP for 11 years as Head of Global Partner Marketing and Mid-Market, followed by 4 successful years at HPE as VP of Channel Strategy, recently joined ServiceNow. She values trust deeply, emphasizing its importance within her team, with partners and customers, and among company stakeholders. Beyond her professional endeavors, Meaghan is passionate about mentoring and fostering opportunities for emerging talent, believing in the transformative impact of guidance and support. 

About the CMO Perspective Video Series 

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