Customer Engagement Research 2021

Oh, what a year it has been for technology. The pandemic served as a powerful accelerant for major IT trends as it forced organizations to speed up their digital transformation. From adapting to new work models in order to successfully work remotely, to transforming policies and processes with new tools and solutions, IT decision-makers (ITDMs) have played a large role in organizational stability and growth.

Because of this, tech professionals are seeking more information to help them meet their business needs. Now more than ever, ITDMs need relevant, reliable and specific educational resources throughout each stage of the tech purchase process as they explore solutions.

To help tech marketers gain clarity into how to connect with tech buyers during this process and ensure the content they provide is of value, Foundry recently surveyed over 800 tech decision-makers in the 2021 Foundry Customer Engagement study. This research provides insight into the various types and volume of content tech buyers consume throughout their buying journey, and also helps tech vendors understand ITDMs’ engagement preferences when it comes to vendor follow-up and maintaining relationships.

2021 Customer Engagement Key Takeaways:
  1. Relevant and consistent content is essential – 72% of tech buyers are more likely to consider an IT vendor who educates them through each stage of the decision-process.

  2. IT decision-makers are spending more time engaging with online content as 49% are increasing the amount of time they read online and 48% are increasing the amount of time they watch online videos.

  3. Two-thirds of tech buyers say that the vendor who responds to questions in a quick and thoughtful manner usually get the business. On average, ITDMs want to be contacted within 19 hours after filling out a contact form.

  4. Tech buyers have different standards when it comes to emerging versus well-established vendors. When introducing a new technology product or service, emerging vendors are evaluated based on their proof of concept and case studies, while well-established vendors should provide detailed product information.

  5. Virtual event formats prove necessary as in-person peer and vendor meetings/events are lacking due to the pandemic. The majority (91%) of tech decision-makers have attended an industry or job-related virtual event in the past 6-12 months.

The findings and trends in this report solidify the need that tech buyers have for consistent valuable and trustworthy content. These individuals are tasked with researching, evaluating, and implementing new technologies while shifting organizational processes and require the appropriate educational resources and relationships to do so.

View the sample slides below for additional insight and download the full report to better understand and engage with tech buyers. To request a meeting with a Foundry sales executive to walk through the full study, please complete the form at the right.


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