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Designed for dynamic storytelling, BrandPage allows audiences to engage with your brand in an immersive and interactive experience. 

Ready to inspire buyers with your brand story?

Tech buyers want content experiences from brands they trust


of ITDMs say that they are more likely to engage with a variety of content if it is presented in an organized experience


of tech decision-makers typically spend more time consuming content from known and trusted brands


of ITDMs say tech content sites are the top information source used to keep up-to-date with new technologies and to enhance the knowledge needed to be effective in their role

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Interactive experience

BrandPage revolutionizes storytelling by crafting a compelling narrative through dynamic visuals and interactivity.

Meticulously curated with tailor-made content and graphics, BrandPage goes beyond the conventional, aiming to captivate audiences, foster brand awareness, and educate targets through an engaging and immersive experience.

Foundry’s dedicated strategy team will collaborate with you to bring your brand story to life:

  • Award-winning creative
  • Insights-driven design
  • Strategic messaging
  • 100% ownable experience
  • Multi-channel engagement
  • Co-branded mobile-friendly page



Real-time reporting​

In a single snapshot, gain insight into engagement with your content experience.

  • Page consumption metrics
  • Retargeted media metrics
  • Overall program performance​
  • Real-time reporting in a custom dashboard includes:
    • Page views
    • Clicks on site
    • CTR% on site
    • Video plays (if applicable)
    • Video completion rate (if applicable)
    • Promotional tactics performance

BrandPage integrates with Foundry’s network of award-winning editorial brands

CIOs, Business Executives

CSOs, CISOs, Enterprise Security Decision-Makers

Enterprise IT, Management, LOB, SMB

Developers, IT Architects

Network Management, Data Center Manager

Foundry x Google Chrome

IT teams want to reduce complexity and protect data and systems. Employees want more say over their devices and apps. How do you find the sweet spot?

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