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Today’s B2B buying committee in Europe is made up of 29 stakeholders and influencers, on average. Only Foundry has the right properties, solutions, and data to help you reach the full Nordics IT buying team — and the know-how to help you navigate local nuances.

Source: 2023 Foundry Role & Influence of the Technology Decision-Maker study
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A burgeoning IT market

According to IDC research, the Nordics IT market is set to exceed $33 billion USD in security and cloud investments alone by 2026. ITDMs in the Nordics rely on Foundry’s trusted editorial to guide these enterprise purchases, meaning you can reach them at precisely the right times, on the right channels throughout the buyer journey.

Source: Challenges and Opportunities for the ICT Market in the Nordics, IDC, 2023

European audience profiles across IT & LOB


Nordics audience profiles across IT & LOB


Average monthly page views by Nordics ITDMs

Enterprise IT management for the Nordics

Computer Sweden, the regional edition of ComputerWorld focused exclusively on enterprise ITDMs in Sweden and the Nordics region, is trusted by the Nordics’ most senior enterprise-level IT managers for industry insight, peer perspective, and real-world strategies for implementing technology solutions.

Latest from Computer Sweden:

Swedish banks rarely practice restarting IT systems after an attack

Getting your IT systems up and running quickly after a cyber attack is crucial for the business to be able to resume quickly. But a survey shows that Swedish banks and financial companies do not practice this very often.


Internet giants are asked to identify deepfakes ahead of the EU election

Ahead of the June European Parliament elections, the European Commission has published guidelines that large online services and search engines are expected to follow to reduce systemic risks that could affect these and other elections.


Munters CIO wants to democratize IT

Munters CIO Kenneth Verlage wants to make IT a kind of franchise operation for the business operations. “I want to reap the productivity of what has been called shadow IT on a technically sustainable platform,” he says.


Business technology leadership

The CIO brand provides technology marketers with a unique opportunity to reach an audience of more than 4 million chief information officers and IT thought leaders, who have significant buying power in 72 countries.

Latest from CIO:

CIOs rise to the ESG reporting challenge

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting is proving to be a complex endeavor founded in data. And that’s putting CIOs at the center of these increasingly important initiatives.


Transforming IT culture for business success

To better retain talent and drive winning transformations, IT leaders are creating an organizational identity centered on meaningful innovation and aligned to strategic business goals.


Video: CTO Shawn Edwards on Bloomberg’s evolving data and AI approaches

Shawn Edwards, CTO of Bloomberg L.P., talks with host Maryfran Johnson on CIO Leadership Live. They cover Bloomberg’s data and AI strategies, innovation cycles, using alternative data sources, and the practicality and limits of genAI.


Business risk leadership

CSO equips senior security leaders in all operational risk management disciplines – corporate and IT security, fraud and loss prevention, privacy, business continuity and more – with information of unparalleled depth and insight to support their decisions and investments.

Latest from CSO:

Report: World governments must act to create generative AI safeguards

Global regulatory efforts focused on generative AI have taken a wide range of approaches, but more guidance needed on permissible uses of the technology.


Three of four CISOs ready for job change

A new IANS/Artico report shows that the percentage of CISOs satisfied with their jobs dropped 10 points in the last 12 months.


12 best cybersecurity podcasts as recommended by the professionals

In the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity, its important for CISOs and other security leaders to stay up to date – cybersecurity podcasts are a great way to stay informed.


Building the nextgen enterprise

InfoWorld is the go-to resource for developers, architects and business leaders launching next-generation initiatives on scalable cloud platforms. InfoWorld serves those determined to seek business advantage by staying ahead of the technology curve.

Latest from InfoWorld:

Google Project IDX: A promising next-gen cloud IDE

IDX shines with a VS Code look and feel, GitHub integration, workspace sharing, and AI-powered coding assistance. But it’s currently experimental, and available only in a limited preview.


5 ways tech leaders can increase their business acumen

Technical leaders are not just great technologists, they also understand the business side of things. Here are five ways to grow your business acumen and do more with your career.


Why IT execs need to consider GraphQL

GraphQL divers developers a flexible and unified way to connect data and services. Its query planning and policy engine make it a promising option for adding LLMs to the mix.


All things Apple

Macworld is the premier, one-stop-shop for Apple enthusiasts. With editorial expertise at its core, Macworld delivers essential tips and buying advice to passionate Apple users worldwide.

Latest from Macworld:

New Apple Store rules have an unintended victim: Vision Pro

The new EU app store rules seem openly hostile to developers at a time when the company needs developer support more than ever.


Biggest ever iOS update could be coming to your iPhone this year

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman predicts momentous changes for iOS 18.


How to download old versions of macOS

Here’s how to download old and obsolete versions of macOS and Mac OS X going all the way back to Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.


From the data center to the edge

Network World is the premier provider of information, intelligence and insight for over 2 million network and IT professionals in 14 countries.

Latest from Network World:

Will 2024 be Wi-Fi 7’s breakthrough year?

Wi-Fi 7 has arrived. But can it really help your enterprise?


Report: AI, crypto drive spike in data-center energy demands

Global data-center energy consumption may equal that of the entire country of Japan in two years, demanding technological and regulatory improvements to drive greater efficiency.


Cato Networks extends SASE platform with XDR, EPP capabilities

Cato brings extended detection and response (XDR) and endpoint protection platform (EEP) capabilities to its cloud-based secure access service edge (SASE) solution.


Navigate the PC ecosystem

PCWorld is dedicated to helping tech users get more from the hardware and software that’s central to a PC-centric universe. With years spent covering the consumer tech industry, PCWorld is uniquely positioned to tell savvy users what to buy and how to get more from their purchases.

Latest from PCWorld:

Best laptop deals from budget to extreme

These are the best deals on home use laptops, gaming laptops, and Chromebooks we can find, updated every weekday.


10 overlooked Windows 11 features you need to try

Incorporating these into your routine significantly improves the Windows experience.


Best HDMI cables for monitors: The differences matter

Need a new HDMI cable for your display setup? Grab one of these.


Global hub for all consumer tech needs

Tech Advisor attracts buyers of all experience levels across the whole range of consumer technologies and, with incredible product knowledge built from years covering the consumer tech industry, Tech Advisor is uniquely positioned to tell users and influencers what to buy, and how to get more from their purchases.

Latest from Tech Advisor:

Where to buy the iPhone 15: What is your best option?

There are four new iPhone 15: find out where you can buy your new iPhone at the best price


How to change your TikTok username

We explain how to quickly change your TikTok username without giving up the essence of your profile.


Smeg EGF03 manual espresso machine review: style over speed

For those who love the freshness of ground coffee but crave a hands-on experience, Smeg’s espresso machine ticks both boxes.


The connected home

TechHive is committed to smart-home and home-entertainment gear and caters to the growing community of people who make technology and consumer electronics an active part of their lives.

Latest from TechHive:

iFlo Smart Automated A/C Drain Line Cleaner review: Easy maintenance

This gadget pushes disposable cleaning fluid into your HVAC system’s drain line on a regular schedule to prevent blockages, but you’ll need to keep buying the fluid.


Manage family schedules on the massive Skylight Calendar Max

Skylight says its 27-inch touchscreen smart calendar makes it easy to keep track of an entire family’s activities, ranging from appointments and holidays to chores and meal planning.


Amazon Prime Video with ads: What you need to know

There’s a way to nix the ads that just started popping up on Prime Video, but it’ll cost you.


Build trust along the IT buyer journey with brand-to-demand solutions for Nordics tech marketers

In the competitive tech marketing landscape, brand trust and loyalty is a marketer’s greatest asset. Foundry marketing solutions leverage the longstanding credibility of our tech editorial brands—your buyers’ go-to destinations for decades of tech decision making—to reach, compel, and nurture in-market ITDMs throughout their unique buyer journey. 


Backed by trust

When you work with Foundry, you leverage the credibility of the community—our sites, events, and brands—that technology buyers have trusted to guide their purchase decisions for decades. We help marketers reach the full buying team as they progress through their buyer journey with us, and provide us with valuable buyer insights.

Powered by intent

Intent data offers marketers tremendous value—if they know how to activate it. With all of Foundry’s digital marketing solutions layered with intent data signals from our global audience of technology decision makers, we ensure marketers are reaching in-market buyers with the right messaging from the start.

ABM & Intent Case Study

Optimized by tech

Martech is a critical component to delivering the right messaging at the right time. Foundry’s proprietary ABM software supports and connects marketers’ digital programs across channels to help marketers activate intent more swiftly, personalize messaging more effectively, and drive pipeline more reliably.

Strengthened by community

Build awareness through one-on-one connections with Nordic ITDMs at the tech industry’s most sought-after gatherings. Our events create the ideal environment for IT leaders and tech vendors to connect at a global, regional and virtual level. 

Local success team

Our regional experts have decades of experience driving success in the dynamic tech marketing landscape, and bring an intimate understanding of the Nordics business landscape's local nuances.

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