The complete guide to lead qualification

A quick introduction to lead qualification: How it is vital for boosting sales conversion Did you know that lead generation is only half the battle? All too often, we see businesses of all types and sizes think you need to get as many leads as possible, and then hand them over to your sales team […]

Tech Budgets Rise as IT Turns to Cybersecurity

We are living in a rapidly advancing digital age. Every day businesses are investing in new technologies, implementing new products, and prioritizing which innovations are worth spending for — with some currently top of mind being data & analytics, collaboration, and cybersecurity tools. And after a year which saw fluctuation in tech spending during the […]

14 Data & Analytics Bloggers to Follow Today

Transforming data into a valuable business asset isn’t always easy. But in a rapidly evolving tech environment, this demand is growing fast. According to IDG: 67% of enterprises agree that the pandemic accelerated their organization’s data-driven strategy. And at the moment, 34% are in the process of implementing or testing data-driven projects—with another 13% planning […]

Understanding RTO in the Post-Vaccine Era

When the pandemic was in its early stages, our research conducted here at IDG highlighted the uncertainty gripping organizations as they navigated so many unknowns. In the current post-vaccine environment, organizations are looking forward and planning for their return to office. While organizations seem to be taking a measured return to office approach – 37% […]

12 best practices for managing BDR teams in the technology sector

Nobody said running a business development representative (BDR) team in the technology sector is a straightforward process. In simple terms, it is hard to recruit and retain staff, they get diverted into doing other tasks, systems may be old and it can be challenging to scale the business in a timely fashion. All these challenges […]

Overcome people retention challenges in sales development

To overcome the challenges of people retention, in late 2020, Foundry Sales Development Services surveyed over 300 respondents working in marketing within technology companies. This blog takes a deeper look at understanding the challenges organizations face when hiring and retaining talented staff and provides useful recommendations to improve sales conversion. Keeping up with changes in […]

Has the Pandemic Altered Tech Buyers’ Content Consumption Habits?

Without opportunities to learn and network in person, it is not surprising that many IT decision makers (ITDMs) changed the way they consume content during the past 14 months—turning to virtual events like tradeshows and roundtables to engage with vendors and get a peer perspective. The global pandemic sent ITDMs online at an unprecedented rate […]

4 Tips for Building Stronger Relationships through Virtual Events

IT pros have been consuming content and successfully connecting online for more than two decades; however, this pandemic for sure made this channel the only option for many to connect on. Many months later, we all know it is a viable solution, as many businesses and online conferences have thrived. We expect tech professionals will continue to attend virtual events long after we return to face-to-face meetings. However, the rules of engagement during virtual events are […]

A Look into IDC Directions 2021: How Tech Suppliers Must Adapt to Stay Relevant in a Post-Pandemic World

There is no question that the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated digital transformation initiatives that were—at one phase or another—already underway across most industries. Business priorities and information needs of organizations have shifted, and organizations are striving to become more digitally resilient — having the ability to quickly adapt to a disruption and accelerate under the new […]

Spotlight: Women Leading Tech Marketing

To acknowledge and celebrate women’s achievements during Women’s History Month, this blog highlights advice and guidance from three influential tech marketing leaders – who also happen to be women. Paving the way with their marketing and leadership accomplishments – Jennifer Chase, SVP and Head of Marketing at SAS; Jamie Domenici, CMO at LogMeIn; and Isabelle […]

Sales Development Operations: Here’s What Could Go Wrong

You have a great product and have started to develop the sort of reviews and reputation that should appeal to at least a sizeable chunk of an IT market that Foundry says will pass $5 trillion in value this year. You have recruited partners for a channel program, put together solid sales and marketing teams […]

Tech Marketing Survey: More Digital, More Metrics that Matter

Content marketing certainly proved its worth over the past year, as the pandemic caused most B2B marketers to shift to digital-first or in some cases digital-only channels. Face-to-face events pivoted en masse to a mix of webcasts, virtual conferences and digital roundtables. The inability to meet with customers in person required sales and marketing teams […]