Following the recent launch of the Foundry (an IDG Inc. Company) brand, as the now #1 provider of B2B tech leads globally we are positioned to deliver on the promise of building best-in-class solutions fuelled by first-party relationships, designed for the modern B2B buyer’s journey.  

Foundry has been a mainstay in B2B for over 50 years, connecting the world of tech buyers through insights, intent, and engagement. With the strategic acquisitions of technology platforms Selling Simplified, Triblio, KickFire and LeadSift over the last 2 years, Bhavesh Thakor, Managing Director in India, highlighted “Foundry now has the power of 5 and is the only company in the world that can boast of a full-stack MEDIA+MARTECH offering to cater to the marketing needs of large B2B and especially IT brands.”  

Looking forward, Jake Phibbs, Head of Enterprise Sales in ANZ, stated “It is an incredibly exciting time to be part of Foundry APAC. 2022 was crucial year for the organisation with the most recent acquisition of Selling Simplified culminating in the rebrand of IDG to Foundry. Foundry is now solidified at the intersection of Media and Marketing technology with 2023 being all about real people, real data and real results.”  

Foundry represents an interconnected ecosystem of media, technology and data. By leveraging its first-party data, Foundry will help navigate the entire tech buyer journey – everything from driving awareness and understanding intent signals, to increasing engagement and conversion. The company will also help technology marketers and agencies drive awareness and achieve their objectives by engineering the right combination of media solutions – whether that involves advertising, demand generation, content, research, or events.  

Stressing the importance of quality data and insights in the current technology landscape, Eddy Kim, Head of Commercial Sales in Korea, made light of recent changes in that “with the advent of AI technology as a marketing tool, greater effort towards optimization can be achieved through in-depth and automated analysis of data. This highlights the importance of first party data and a reliable partner who can provide new data with high quality to ensure marketing efficiency.”  

For APAC in particular, this development promises exciting, localised improvements to our world class products and services, allowing us to expand on a strong foundation of actionable insights backed by quality engagement and make the digital space truly tangible and accessible in meeting the needs of our clients.  

Ayane Speirs, Managing Director in Japan, added ”with the full-funnel offerings of Foundry, I am excited and looking forward to further growth in APAC. This innovative Media + MarTech offering is something only the leading MarTech provider can bring, with the fantastic team we have to cater to the marketing needs in each region.”  

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We look forward to helping bring your visions to reality through a combination of media, marketing technologies and proprietary data, engineered and integrated to drive marketing campaigns for B2B marketers.