Overcoming challenges to hiring strong sales development representatives

If your organization can’t prospect, qualify and nurture leads, sales teams will be at the mercy of dead ends and low conversion rates. A healthy sales pipeline is full of qualified leads, that is why skilled sales development representatives (SDRs) are in such high demand. It is the job of the SDR to prospect, qualify […]

How I do it: Kumaran Ramanathan, President, Foundry

This article was originally published by Colin Morrison in Flashes & Flames’ ‘How I do it’ series on 29 July, 2022. To enjoy more premium content like this, visit Flashes & Flames site. Kumaran Ramanathan (“Ram”) is president of Foundry (formerly IDG Communications) the media-data-events subsidiary of the US-based IDG Inc. He is a Brit […]

Where are IT decision-makers on their data-driven journey?

Today, many organizations are pursuing data-driven projects to enhance their overall business strategies and to jumpstart their digital transformation journeys. In fact, data and analytics is among the top two technology initiatives expected to drive the most IT investment in 2022, according to the 2022 State of the CIO.   This year, Foundry conducted its […]

CMO Perspectives: Aimee Catalano, Senior Director, Global Partner Marketing, Google Cloud

CMO Perspectives: Aimee Catalano, Senior Director, Global Partner Marketing, Google Cloud Digital transformation, velocity, and value of business relationships and people are critical for partner solutions success at Google Cloud. Aimee Catalano and her team thrive on teamwork and working strategically with partners and customers to achieve fast-paced growth for Google Cloud year over year. […]

Why aren’t your channel partners hitting sales targets?

Channel partners have been helping vendors get their products into the hands of customers for many years, making indirect sales possible. They can be a great asset, especially for multi-solution companies to rely on, where lead nurturing can be more complex. Channel Partners act as a middleman between a vendor and the customer, and take […]

Technology for sales development: a guide for decision-makers

Building your tech stack strategy in a turbo charged market In this report, we highlight how next-generation sales technology has the potential to underpin the entire sales development process, from the point at which a team receives marketing qualified leads (MQLs), to the point at which the sales development team is ready to hand over […]

The State of Sales Development for Technology Firms in Europe

How European technology firms view challenges and opportunities and plan to accelerate expansion In this report we shine a light on Sales Development in Europe, based on unique research from surveying 101 respondents in IT firms across the region. We found that companies struggle for key reasons Download the report for insights on how: hiring […]

Surviving and thriving: The sales development landscape for technology firms into 2022

How firms are adapting to the need to grow in extraordinary times It’s been another very tough year as businesses continue to grapple with the fallout from the pandemic and scramble to make sense of the new business landscape. More than ever, the ICT sector has shown itself to be remarkably robust with many companies continuing […]

What is holding your sales development team back?

What is holding your sales development team back? Infographic We surveyed over 300 global sales development professionals in the technology sector to shed light on the sales development landscape. Download the infographic for insights on how: teams work across diverse sales objectives at all times managing an in-house team can become an insurmountable task outsourcing […]

The Sales Development Landscape for Technology Firms into 2021

How technology firms are outsourcing to achieve better focus, cure hiring headaches and access best-in-class technologies. In this report, IDG Sales Development Services researched the sector, uncovering decision makers’ perceptions of opportunities and challenges for what we believe is a unique insight into how technology companies are attempting to scale their sales efforts. Download the […]

Real People Means All People

Foundry Celebrates Pride LGBTQ+ Pride, observed by individuals, countries, and companies around the world, serves to promote validation, visibility, and equality of members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community. Pride Month often takes place in June to honor the Stonewall Riots in New York City in 1969, and to commemorate the first Pride parades held in Chicago, Los […]

The world has changed. Have your partner marketing strategies kept up?

Today’s business leaders have shown us that success in an ever-changing world relies heavily on the ability to adapt. With the rapid pace of change within both marketing and technology, many are left asking what needs to change? To identify some timely and effective ways to drive impact, we’ve asked five partner marketing leaders to […]