We live in an interactive, animated digital culture. Much of this is new to my generation (baby boomers) and certainly nothing my parents ever experienced.

But storytelling is timeless. From the age-old tales in Homer’s Iliad to the classic themes of hero, villain, and someone (or something) that needs rescuing, it’s part of our culture. Time and time again, surveys show that stories resonate; they stay with us, they influence us, they connect us.

But as authors and movie producers know, a story is most effective when it’s told to the right audience. And grabbing the attention of tech buyers can be difficult. They’re surrounded by messages from competitors on multiple channels, from cell phones to social media to websites.

As marketers, you face a variety of challenges in reaching those tech buyers:

  • Resources shortage: On average, tech decision-makers rely on 7 information sources during the purchase process. Your message may get drowned out.
  • Engagement difficulty: 65% of tech buyers say that they typically spend more time consuming content from known and trusted brands because they’re confident their time will be well spent. Do they trust your brand?
  • Storytelling: 91% of tech decision-makers say it is challenging to find high-quality content. Can you measure content effectiveness with confidence?
  • Competitive differentiation: 72% of ITDMs report that if a vendor does not supply educational content during research, it negatively impacts their impression. Simply put, mid-funnel sales brochures and solution briefs alone won’t work.

The answer to your challenges

Our newest marketing solution, BrandPage, weaves together the reality of our animated, digital world and the art of storytelling in a highly visual and interactive environment. A solution that shares your story with Foundry’s award-winning editorial brands to reach the IT and business executives, managers, and teams who influence technology investment.

Think of BrandPage like a blank canvas for telling your brand’s story with compelling interactive custom content and a full portfolio of dynamic formats: quizzes, assessments tools, research facts, videos, podcasts, graphics, images, and more, all presented with cutting-edge visual design.

Many influencers quoted in the 2023 Content Marketing Institute predictions agree with the need for this format. These quotes stand out to me:

  • “We need to make our content pages as robust as possible.”
  • “Customers are demanding a more relevant, ‘human’ experience.”
  • “Use the crown jewel of marketing – great creative work.”
  • “With a tightening economy, marketers need to be prepared to tell impactful stories with data.”

On top of this, B2B buyers want a blend of in-person interactions, remote contact, and self-service (aka BrandPage) across the purchasing journey, according to McKinsey.

And technology sites are the #1 source for keeping up to date with new technologies and enhancing knowledge across all audiences, from baby boomers to Gen X, millennials, and Gen Z, according to Foundry’s own research.

Data-driven storytelling

In this busy, complex marketing environment, it’s not all about leads. Lead generation programs only work if your prospects are aware of your brand. If you’ve educated key buyers and influencers about how your solution solves their challenges – or opens up new opportunities for innovation and competitive advantage – you’ve got a leg up on your competitors.

Foundry’s unique quantitative research and topic data ensures your story is driven by facts, from what CIOs and CSOs care about to what they consume, how long they stay on pages, their level of engagement with your assets, and more. 

What’s more, we build your visual story – and then we take it to the market. Remember the adage from Field of Dreams, “build it and they will come?” It doesn’t work in tech marketing. Sorry, Ray Kinsella (played by Kevin Costner).

We use our custom branded promotions across Foundry’s editorial brand ecosystem to spread your story. We use our proprietary remarketing tactics to encourage deeper engagement with any visitors and accounts who visit your BrandPage. We promote and nurture with expertise.

And then we measure the results so you can show ROI on your investment. In a single snapshot, you can learn which accounts are showing interest in your content and deliver that intelligence to your sales team or use the CTAs to drive traffic back to your site.

BrandPage is a turnkey solution, with a dedicated production team with established process and track record for seamless execution. It has multiple uses, from global or local campaigns to partner, multiple product groups, and more.

The bottom line

Making an impact in today’s crowded tech market requires stories that connect, presented to the right audiences, using the right promotional tactics, with trusted measurement of your KPIs. Foundry covers all the bases.

Barbara Call is Senior Director of Content Strategy, Atlantic Region, for Foundry, where she manages a team of expert, highly creative content strategists and storytellers.