To measure AI and Generative AI trends among technology decision-makers, Foundry conducted its first AI Priorities survey. While AI and machine learning are not new technologies – in fact, 89% of total respondents are researching or using artificial intelligence technology – versions such as Generative AI have brought these tools into everyday life, sparking new and vast interest. Our research looks at the use cases, investment and implementation levels, measures of success and challenges to better understand how IT decision-makers are using these tools.

Here’s a sneak peek into the results:

  • Do organizations have dedicated AI technology budgets? 36% say yes.
  • What’s expected from AI? 44% of ITDMs agree that their organization is willing to pay more for AI-infused products from vendors.
  • What are the main challenges of AI implementation? IT integration, lack of in-house expertise, and the business case/justification.
  • Are ITDMs concerned about potential risks associated with AI? Yes, and 89% of them have methods in place to manage or mitigate these potential risks.
  • What is the status of Gen AI? Close to half say that this technology is on their radar or being actively researched.
  • Is Gen AI creating positive business outcomes? 58% agree that they see Gen AI playing a large role in employee productivity and are starting proof of concepts to test.

View these sample slides:

These data points barely scratch the surface of what this research covers. What we have learned from this study is that results differ depending on the company size, industry, age of the respondent, region and more. Explore additional key takeaways and the executive summary to learn more about the research. Contact us if you would like a tailored report presented to you by a Foundry sales executive.