Rachael Ferranti

VP of Corporate Marketing

Rachael has more than 10 years of experience in content writing and B2B tech marketing. A believer in the power of words, experience, and design to transform technical concepts into relatable stories, much of her focus is on how marketers can achieve more authentic connections with their audiences. She covers topics such as effective audience engagement, diversity and inclusion, and the roles of empathy and trust in marketing.

Articles by Rachael Ferranti


What’s inspiring got to do with buying, anyway? 

With an average of 25 stakeholders to impress, months-long buying journeys, and competing for mindshare on noisy channels, B2B marketers need to leverage the power of story now more than ever. I’ll preach to anyone who will listen—marketing is hard work as it is, but B2B marketing is even harder.   On its face, the textbook [...]

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