February 17th, 2023 marks one year since we made a bold move to rebrand our nearly 60-year old company, IDG Communications, to Foundry. In serving the technology community for over five decades, we knew that to continue serving them, we had to evolve and reinvent, and so we developed a new category of a company as Foundry — a leader in the MarTech space that sits at the intersection of media and marketing, to drive technology adoption all around the world.

After what’s been a year of vigorous growth since the rebrand, it’s time to take a look back on the accomplishments we’ve made as a new company with an evolved vision:

  • Strategic innovation: The Foundry rebrand was executed successfully after more than a year in strategic development, and was launched with a new visual identity, tone of voice, sales and marketing materials, and website. The innovative combination of first-party data, media, and marketing technology gives a holistic view of the entire tech buyer journey, setting us apart as a new category of company in the market.

  • One team, one dream: Just weeks after our rebrand, 20+ members of Foundry and its acquisitions came together at B2BMX ’22 in Scottsdale, AZ under a single brand. Three booths, one client case study, and three full days of engaging with B2B marketers made us the buzz of the event and set the stage for a year of innovation and excitement. Since then, we’ve successfully integrated both teams and technology from LeadSift, KickFire, and Selling Simplified into the Foundry family and product portfolio.

  • Diversity & inclusion: Foundry’s D&I Council, comprised of over 50 colleagues, continued to advance our mission to ensure we have a diverse and inclusive approach to and lens on everything we do. Foundry’s first four Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) hit their one-year anniversary of being launched and continued to grow in membership, with over 100 people involved. The Council spotlighted various cultural events throughout the year with newsletters, resources, and live sessions as well as celebrated Allyship Month at Foundry for a third consecutive year. We encourage all colleagues to consider themselves allies both inside and outside the workplace, and provide tools, training, discussions on how to do that.

  • Digital transformation: Over the last year, we automated a large part of our business, allowing us to generate and deliver the vast majority of leads through 100% digital processes. Not only have we raised the standard for lead quality with digital engagement and delivery, the transformation has enabled us to deliver the highest quality leads in market at even greater global scale.

  • Foundry Intent launch: With data at the core of all we do, the release of Foundry Intent stands out as one of our proudest achievements of the last year. Foundry Intent erases the blind spot in intent data for marketers by combining signals from multiple sources, including digital and non-digital signals from within the Foundry ecosystem, public web signals, and data from marketers’ own websites—and delivering it in a unified and actionable fashion. It’s a truly innovative product that fuels all of our MarTech and solves a felt pain point in the market.

  • Foundry Ads launch: This year we also launched our new outcomes-driven advertising solution, Foundry Ads, which offers B2B marketers the best reach and precision with guaranteed impressions on Foundry’s trusted O&O sites, scale with first-party audience extension, and detailed reporting on the measurable impact of advertising. Foundry Ads is truly designed to support the full funnel and has quickly become an integral part of many of our clients’ brand-to-demand marketing strategies.
  • Key personnel appointments: As we accelerate along our product roadmap, our leadership team expands alongside. Most notably, we promoted Danny Phillips to Chief Operating Officer and appointed enterprise MarTech vet Manoj Goyal as Chief Product Officer. These leaders, among many others, along with their teams are already driving acceleration and innovation at Foundry as we further transform the way marketers identify, understand, reach, and convert their customers.

What’s on the horizon?

Innovation is speeding up at Foundry as we continue to build our software portfolio around the seamless capture and activation of intent data. Later this month, we’ll be back as sponsors at B2BMX where we’ll launch a new tool that speeds up the sales cycle as part of our ABM software. And that’s just the start of what we’re bringing to market in 2023. As we continue to deliver a holistic, intent-enabled marketing orchestration and pipeline acceleration solution, we can confidently say that our next year as Foundry will be even more exciting than the first.