Partner Marketing White Paper 2022

Partner marketing has gone from a benefit enjoyed by only the largest firms to an essential component of a modern sales and marketing ecosystem. Foundry’s 2022 Partner Marketing research helps define the value of partner marketing along with the benefits and challenges that marketers experience. It also addresses what’s needed in order for partner marketers to recognize success.

The good news – 88% of marketers view partner marketing as a necessary marketing tactic that provides great/some value and 56% of partner marketing programs have yielded success over the past 12 months.

Download the white paper to learn about:

  • Why a documented partner marketing strategy is necessary to navigate complexities and challenges.
  • How partner marketing budgets are expected to shift over the next year.
  • The objectives marketers associate with their partner marketing programs and how they measure the success of their efforts.
  • Where partner marketing dollars are going – demand gen, events, social, etc. – and where marketers are likely to work with an agency.


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