Security continues to be a top consideration for organizations. The security landscape is in constant flux, meaning that the roles of CIOs/CISOs are always evolving. To have in-depth conversations about the security landscape, tech marketers need to understand these evolving security roles as well as the technologies that organizations are investing in. Fortunately, CSO’s SVP/Publisher Bob Bragdon shares the insights you need to market to security buyers. This 20 minute webcast reviews what security organizations are focusing on, and the issues that will demand the most time and strategic thinking.

Key Takeaways:
  • Security Priorities: The top 3 security priorities for the coming year are to improve the protection of confidential and sensitive data, to increase security awareness programs and staff training, and to upgrade IT and data security to boost corporate resiliency.
  • Security Budgets & Projects: Security budgets are going up for 50% of organizations over the next 12 months, and 1/4 of security budgets are going towards skilled staff while nearly another quarter (23%) is going towards tools and technology.
  • Factors that Determine Security Spending: In terms of how businesses determine security spending, 73% rely on best practices and communicating with their peers. 66% of businesses report compliance mandates as the second biggest factor in determining security spending.
  • Security Challenges and Solutions: The top security-related challenge that forces organizations to redirect their time and focus away from more strategic tasks is meeting government and compliance regulations (27%), followed by budgetary constraints or demonstrating ROI (25%).

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