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This week, Rick is joined by Raj Rammohan, VP of Partner Marketing and Alliances at Foundry. This episode explores how to overcome marketing challenges and maximize resources in the EMEA region. Raj’s firsthand experiences, including navigating the 2008 recession and thriving in partner marketing with a global perspective, offer invaluable insights into achieving remarkable results despite resource constraints. From the importance of face-to-face events in building trust to the complexities of partner marketing collaboration, Raj illuminates key strategies for success in a diverse market landscape. 

Rajashree Rammohan is the Vice President, Partner & Alliance Marketing, Foundry

About Foundry :  

Foundry is at the intersection of media and martech.

Our industry is about people, not machines. Algorithms, optimization and automation play a role in what we do, but connections and trusted relationships are vital. We derive fully-consented data from our ecosystem of global editorial brands, awards, and events, and use it to power our media, demand generation and martech solutions making them among the most effective in the market. We’re passionate about the fact that tech can be a force for good. Leveraged wisely, it can have a hugely positive influence, and to this end we’re driving progress globally in a number of areas, including diversity and inclusion, tech accessibility and women in leadership, both at our company and through our channels. Learn more at