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Join host Rick Currier as he embarks on a journey into the heart of B2B marketing through candid conversations with industry leading marketers. Explore the stories that shape tech strategies and the authentic human experiences behind professional success.

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Better understand partner marketing efforts within the technology industry, associated benefits and challenges, and budgetary trends with the goal of providing actionable advice for partner marketers regarding those efforts.

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Expert vs. AI: Top 7 partner marketing predictions

In the weeks since its debut, ChatGPT has set the internet abuzz. We decided to test the chatbot’s knowledge by putting it up against our partner marketing expert, Rick Currier, Foundry’s VP of US Sales & Partner Marketing.

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As your partner programs grow, they become more complex. We help craft, execute, and measure them, working hand-in-hand with your team to deliver targeted, customized activity that can scale.

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