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Join Rick Currier and Stephen Banda from Lookout as they discuss the company’s evolution from mobile to cloud security and the key role of managed service providers. Explore the shift to partner marketing, balancing product knowledge with communication, and the importance of distinguishing security from privacy. Learn about Lookout’s strategies for partner support, tackling security threats, and insights on future cybersecurity events. 

Navigating generative AI: insights from Stephen Banda

In the latest episode of “On the Road,” host Rick Currier sits down with Stephen Banda, a leading figure in cybersecurity, to discuss the intricate world of generative AI and its implications for the industry. Banda, who has been with Lookout since its early days, offers a wealth of knowledge on navigating the ever-evolving landscape of AI and cybersecurity.

The evolution of lookout

Lookout, founded in 2007, initially focused on mobile security for consumers. As the enterprise space grew more complex, Lookout shifted its focus in 2013 to include enterprise and government clients.

“We are really laser-focused on that full chain from the end user accessing their data through clouds from their mobile device, protecting data wherever it goes—cloud to cloud, cloud to individual, individual to individual.”- Stephen Banda

This evolution reflects the broader industry trends where mobile devices and cloud computing have become integral parts of daily operations. The importance of securing these endpoints cannot be overstated, especially with the increasing sophistication of cyber threats.

Navigating generative AI

One of the most pressing topics Banda addresses is the challenge of navigating generative AI. He emphasizes the need for vigilance and the implementation of robust security measures. Banda highlights a particularly alarming incident involving a deep fake that led to a significant financial loss. “I use that example because I think it’s like the extreme to show what is possible,” he says. This incident underscores the critical need for businesses to be aware of the capabilities of generative AI and to prepare accordingly.

Banda’s advice to individuals and businesses alike is to remain cautious. “Just don’t click on anything. And second guess everything when someone’s calling you or sending you information… it’s incredibly difficult. You have to…get the protections in place whether it’s Lookout or someone else.”

Engaging across generations

The conversation also touches on the challenges of engaging across different generations in the workforce. Banda acknowledges that different generations bring varying perspectives and expertise, which can be both a strength and a challenge for organizations. “You need to definitely be aware as you’re driving down there,” he says, metaphorically addressing the need for adaptability and understanding in a multigenerational workplace.

Banda’s approach to fostering engagement involves leveraging the strengths of each generation while ensuring that everyone is aligned with the organization’s goals. This includes continuous education and creating an environment where knowledge sharing is encouraged.


Stephen Banda’s insights provide a valuable perspective on the current state and future of cybersecurity, particularly in the context of generative AI. His experiences highlight the importance of vigilance, adaptability, and continuous learning in navigating the complexities of today’s digital landscape. As Banda aptly puts it, “With everyone having a phone and accessing company data from that… they’re exploiting the mobile device… to walk into your cloud application and get the data they need.” This serves as a powerful reminder of the need for comprehensive security measures in our increasingly connected world.

Stephen Banda is the Director of Partner Marketing at Lookout

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