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Join Rick and Brandon Friesen, CEO of Just Global, as they discuss the latest trends in B2B marketing. Brandon shares his journey from tech editor to agency president and discusses the importance of upper funnel engagement and long-term growth strategies. They explore the impact of AI-generated content on marketing and the necessity of a human touch. Tune in for insights on connecting data for better marketing insights and leveraging AI responsibly.

Brandon Friesen is the Chief Executive Officer at Just Global

About Just Global:

Just Global is an integrated marketing agency built to service the world’s most impactful brands at a time of global digital transformation. Media, insights and creative services work together to create data-driven business outcomes for brands by delivering the right stories, within the right experiences at the right times. With a workforce distributed across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, Just Global provides the world’s leading global companies with a frictionless service experience that creates richer connections between brands and their customers. The independent agency transforms ‘marketing as usual’ by activating relationships with people in wildly inventive and genuinely authentic ways.