The overwhelming support for and elevation of important social justice initiatives has never been more critical. Individuals and organizations alike have expressed the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement, but now it is time for action. To drive necessary change relating to diversity, inclusion and social justice in the tech community, IDG, Inc. is proud to joined more than 70 MA-based tech organizations in signing the MassTLC Tech Compact for Social Justice.

“This is a time when people are speaking out and we, as leaders, need to listen to them. This is how change happens, and that is why we launched the Tech Compact for Social Justice,” stated Tom Hopcroft, CEO of MassTLC. “We recognize that Boston and the tech industry have not done enough to support and encourage the inclusion of Black, Latinx and Indigenous people and we accept our responsibility to do more to make change at the company and community level.”

Like IDG, many of our partners in this commitment have shared statements and action plans for their organizations. As we unite to make technology more socially just in MA, we wanted to help elevate these sentiments from our fellow signees. When the tech ecosystem stands together with a common goal, we can not only make a difference, but set a new standard for our community and beyond.

Akamai: “Akamai realizes being inclusive is not only the right thing to do — it just makes good business sense,” said Anthony Williams, executive vice president and chief human resources officer, Akamai Technologies. “Fostering real and lasting change requires sustained commitment over years. While we have made strides, we recognize we need to do more to hire Black and Latinx employees. We hope that by joining forces with like-minded companies we can propel our efforts exponentially.”

Akamai believes that an inclusive culture fosters diversity of thought which translates into an innovative and collaborative environment. The company has been on a multi-year journey to live out its values through an inclusive workplace culture built upon respect for every individual. 

Bullhorn: The Bullhorn Allies recognize that diversity in culture, race, gender, and sexual orientation promotes a broader perspective and creates a more innovative workplace. The mission of Allies is to acknowledge, educate, and celebrate this diversity through events that build a more inclusive atmosphere. Through this group and other subaffilations such as HERd, the women of Bullhorn, we provide a number of opportunities for employees to connect.

Cybereason: To change the world, we need to be open to change. #WeCommit to making tech in Massachusetts representative of the diverse people it serves by starting with our own company. This is why we joined the Tech Compact for Social Justice. The Tech Compact for Social Justice was created under the leadership of the Executive Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee of the Mass Technology Leadership Council Board of Trustees as a way for the industry to come together and affect meaningful change on a scale greater than any one company could achieve on its own.

Drift: Now and always, Drift cares about the protection of Black lives. We stand alongside our Black Drifters and the Black community as we continue to fight for their equality, respect, and human rights in this country. We’re in this together.

Fuze: We’re committed to creating change in the #tech industry, which is why we’ve joined MassTLC’s “Tech Compact” to create a more diverse, inclusive, and socially just workplace and community.

LogMeIn: LogMeIn condemns discrimination, injustice, and prejudice of any kind and will continue to stand with people of color within our organization, customers, partners, and communities – as well as their allies in the fight against racism.

It is more important than ever that we reflect on equality, recognize our differences, and make sure that we are doing everything we can to create a dialogue, educate ourselves, and support these groups – regardless of our sexual orientation, gender, or the color of our skin.

Mimecast: At Mimecast, we join the growing chorus of voices demanding justice. Today, we carry the placards of protest both physically and metaphorically.

Today, we have resolved to double-down on our company’s social justice programs and commitments.

Today, we are working harder than ever to create more opportunities for marginalized people.

Today, and going forward, we will champion the empowerment of marginalized people of color, hurt by systemic oppression, by saying loudly that Black Lives Matter. […] As a company, we will keep building a culture of diversity, equity and belonging within Mimecast and within the communities we operate. We will have more hard conversations from within, reject complacency, and steward diversity and inclusion throughout our workplace.

Progress: “As a Massachusetts based CEO, I feel it is my responsibility to drive change, not only within my organization, but within the community in which we live,” said Yogesh Gupta, CEO Progress. “It is critical to have a forum for us to come together, to clearly state what we stand for and to bring change within our own spheres of influence. The signatories to the Tech Compact for Social Justice are doing just that while inviting others to join the effort, and I’m tremendously proud to be part of the group spearheading this initiative.”

At Progress we strongly value inclusion and diversity and encourage the mutual respect of others. We strongly condemn all forms of racism, discrimination, hatred and inhumanity and equally reject violence in all conceivable forms. These toxic forces undermine the values we hold so dear and work exhaustively to cultivate in our company and our communities. It is our commitment that we will always strive to be an inclusive community that accepts and celebrates the backgrounds of all people.

Sensata: Over the past few weeks we have been listening, learning and working on an actionable plan to combat racism within our own walls and within our communities. Sensata as a company actively and avidly condemns racism in all its manifestations. We are proud to join other members of the MA tech community in signing the Tech Compact for Social Justice. Our industry must reflect the diverse people we serve, and #WeCommit to actions to make that goal a reality. #InclusiveTech

TripAdvisor: We are proud to join other members of the Massachusetts tech community in signing the Tech Compact for Social Justice. Our industry must reflect the diverse people we serve, and #WeCommit to actions to make that goal a reality. 

Triverus Consulting: Triverus Consulting has joined Mass Technology Leadership Council’s Tech Compact for Social Justice. This Compact was established to spark meaningful change in making Massachusetts’ tech industry more diverse, inclusive, and socially just for workers of all backgrounds.

One of Triverus’ three core values is centered on enhancing our communities. To that end and as members of The Compact, we are committed to concrete action that creates meaningful change towards diversity, inclusivity and social justice. #WeCommit #socialjustice #triveruscommunity

To see the growing list of companies who have committed to taking steps towards social justice by signing the tech compact, visit We encourage tech organizations and others to continue this conversation on social media using #WeCommit.