Dear Colleagues,

On May 25th, George Floyd was brutally killed in Minneapolis by a police officer. Like the deaths of Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arberry before him, Floyd’s death illustrates pervasive racist violence against Black people in America. Across the nation, widespread protests have emerged to oppose racism and police brutality and to affirm, as I do, that Black Lives Matter.

Seeing these events unfold, I remind myself that silence is complicity. I don’t want to be a silent leader and I don’t want IDG, Inc. to be silent as a company when our core value of dignity for all is at stake. As individuals and together, we can and must contribute to ending injustice. This racial injustice, combined with the global pandemic, is a lot for the heart and mind to bear, but it also presents an opportunity to come together, begin a conversation, and take action. I want to share with you how our company is taking action.  

Over the past several months, we have communicated about our ongoing transformation to a technology company. We’ve shared with you our updated values, vision and strategy. What hasn’t changed is our corporate value to “show respect for the dignity of each individual.”  While IDG Communications has had a global Diversity and Inclusion Council for a few years, IDG Corporate will now join this Council, and IDC will expand its Council globally. These Councils will then work together to strengthen our policies and programs.

Last year, IDC published some very compelling research on diversity and inclusion in technology, specifically around the issues driving lower participation of women in technology. CIO magazine then published a widely read series on the same topic. Earlier this week, IDC published a research report titled “IT’s Response to Blackout Tuesday,” which begins to articulate the response of technology companies to the current injustices. We will explore further ways to address this topic using our platform, in a manner pertinent to the technology communities we reach.

For those who wish to immediately come together in solidarity, we will host two brief silent calls, where we will gather and know that we are standing in unity. Details for these calls are listed below. Of course, this is completely optional.

To our Black employees, please know that I and IDG, Inc. stand with you. To all colleagues, I challenge each of you to use your privilege to do something that makes a difference, such as reading a book to educate yourself on race, supporting those who are grieving, or helping to build inclusive communities.

In closing, I commit to speaking up for diversity, inclusion, racial justice and equality. These values have always been core to who we are as a company, but just as the world is evolving so too is IDG, Inc. in how we live these values.  I look forward to working alongside all of you to better our company and our society.

Mohamad Ali
CEO, International Data Group, Inc.