Quality content is the foundation of all relationships, and IDG continues to be committed to quality editorial across the globe. Here’s why.

For more than 50 years, IDG has produced premium editorial content on a global scale. It has never been a more critical part of our business, even as we complete the transition from publishing company to provider of high-quality data and marketing services. We are able to deliver solutions for marketers because we have a unique relationship with IT decision-makers (ITDMs) in major markets all over the world.

Award-Winning Brands

It is my privilege to support IDG Communications’ global editorial operations, including our award-winning B2B brands CIO, Computerworld, CSO, InfoWorld, Network World and B2C brands Macworld, PCWorld, Tech Advisor and TechHive. We continually evolve our data-driven content strategy and service journalism mission to provide the best independent advice to inform every technology purchasing decision. We engage with our audience at a local level by having editors dispersed across the globe. Finally, we invest in our brands because quality-focused content delivered in a trusted brand environment is what drives meaningful user engagement.

Our editorial content attracts and engages millions of IT professionals and enthusiasts, in all major world languages. With audiences across 147 countries, and editorial expertise based in more than 40 cities on five continents, IDG is dedicated to serving technology purchasers with high-quality, independent advice. Through that commitment and knowledge, our trusted brands enjoy lifelong and loyal 1st party relationships with high-value ITDMs and technology buyers worldwide.

What Separates Us

We understand that quality content is the foundation of all relationships. Multiple organizations can sell data, or marketing service – but IDG offers access to an audience of in-market buyers, at an active point of the buying cycle, in an environment they trust.

Marketers can reach audiences through other routes as well. But we understand what each portion of our global audience needs, and how to deliver that information in a way that is relevant to them. We’re not here to sell products for our customers – we help them reach and influence their customers in a meaningful and positive way.

Investments & Future Plans

In recent months, IDG has accelerated its brand footprint via new publications based in ASEAN, the Middle East, Africa, and France, as well as made additional investments to launch brands in the UK, India, Spain, and Australia. We are consistently adding expert contributors all over the world. We are committed to similar levels of investment in 2020 and beyond. And we won’t stop there.

We continue to invest in quality editorial and brands in part because there is so much noise. Everyone is a publisher now. There has never been an easier time to create and publish content, making it harder than ever to generate meaningful engagement. So, whenever IT professionals and enthusiasts are looking for trusted, independent information, IDG brands and editorial will be there. When we invest in covering a market with true focus, that’s how we build a loyal audience.

Global Reach, Local Focus

And we know that our content is up to par because we constantly seek validation from outside our own business. We interrogate our analytics and engagement data, monitor social listening and search rankings, and seek judgment through industry awards. This year’s record hall of AZBEEs, Eddie & Ozzie’s, and others, tells us that our industry peers see IDG as a mark of quality.

With a global reach and dedicated local focus, combined with a deep domain expertise, IDG is uniquely positioned to serve the information needs of technology buyers with quality content. I am deeply honored to lead this exceptional team and these iconic brands, and confident in the future both of IDG and quality content as a driver of engagement and influence.