Awards showcase IDG’s premium editorial content addressing the needs of IT professionals across all industries

Boston, Mass. – November 6, 2019IDG Communications, Inc. – the world’s leading tech media, data, and marketing services company – is proud to announce that CIO, Computerworld, CSO and Network World have won a total of 6 Eddie & Ozzie Awards (click-to-tweet). The awards were presented by Folio: and recognize the very best in editorial and design. Winners were selected from a pool of roughly 1,100 finalists narrowed down from more than 2,500 entries.

“The Eddie & Ozzie Awards honor the crème de la crème of content creators and designers, and we’re thrilled to be recognized again in 2019,” said Eric Knorr, B2B Editor-in-Chief, IDG Communications, Inc. “Our writers craft quality content addressing the decision-making needs of the most important IT influencers in a market that is constantly evolving. We take great pride in delivering in-depth insights so tech buyers and sellers can be successful in their roles, and these awards further highlight the outstanding work of our editorial staff.”

The awards span all corners of the publishing industry across 33 different categories. IDG was honored in a variety of B2B journalistic disciplines, from Video Production/Design to Digital/E-Zine Content to Instructional/How-To Guides. Most notably, IDG’s CIO Leadership Live series received the ‘Best B2B Video (Overall)’ award after already winning gold earlier this year at the AZBEEs. Additionally, IDG’s CSO continued to cement itself as a thought leader in the security space with their award-winning in-depth feature on the GDPR.

“IDG’s commitment to quality translates into business value that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the industry,” added Matt Egan, Global Content Director, IDG Communications, Inc. “Our premium editorial content is focused on the tech trends and events shaping business. Readers trust our content because it is credible, relevant and contextually aligned with how IT leaders make buying decisions. We are grateful to be recognized by Folio: and look forward to continuing to help tech pros navigate a complex IT ecosystem.”

2019 Eddie & Ozzie Awards Recap

Award Winners
•  B2B, Digital – Graphic Art | How Edge Computing Works, Network World
•  B2B, How-To – Video Category | 2-Minute Linux Tips, Network World
•  B2B, Overall – Video Category (Co-Winner) | CIO Leadership Live, CIO
•  B2B, Overall – Video Category (Co-Winner) | Android Data Tips That Will Save You Money, Computerworld
•  B2B, Technology/Telecom – Column/Blog | Unix as a Second Language, Network World
•  B2B, Technology/Telecom – Series of Articles | With GDPR in Effect, Privacy Takes Center Stage, CSO

Honorable Mentions
•  B2B, App/Digital Edition | CIO Digital Magazine, CIO
•  B2B – Instructional/How-To | 6 Tips for Scaling Up Team Collaboration Tools, Computerworld
•  B2B, Overall Editorial Excellence |, CIO
•  B2B, Overall – Video Category | Do More with R, InfoWorld
•  B2B, Profile or Q&A | VMware’s Ongoing Reinvention, Network World
•  B2B, Science & Technology – Single Article | Does Cyber Insurance Make Us More or Less Secure?, CSO
•  B2B, Social Media/Online Community | CIO Gets Social, CIO
•  B2B, Technology – Single Article | Best Places to Work in IT 2018, Computerworld
•  B2B, Technology/Telecom – Series of Articles | Digital Transformations on the Brink, CIO
•  B2B, Technology/Telecom – Series of Articles | Windows 10 Coverage, Computerworld

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