IT decision-makers are expanding their cloud strategy and investments. In fact, 69% of organizations have accelerated their cloud migration over the past 12 months, and 72% agree that their organization is defaulting to cloud-based services when upgrading or purchasing new technical capabilities, according to Foundry’s 2022 Cloud Computing research.

With the acceleration of cloud migration, tech marketers need to stay current on their cloud knowledge and the implementation process. To help you stay on the pulse of this trend, Foundry has highlighted 10 cloud computing influencers that you should follow. These individuals are a compilation of experienced cloud users, analysts, bloggers and more who will provide essential insight for your tech marketing decisions.

  1. Lee AtchisonLee Atchison is a recognized thought leader on the topics of cloud computing and application modernization. Lee has more than three decades of industry experience, including helping grow software provider New Relic’s product architecture from early startup stage to the large enterprise SaaS business it is today. Follow his personal blog, You can also find him on and on Twitter.
  2. Rick Blaisdell – A true cloud computing expert with over 20 years of tech experience. Rick’s skills involve cloud computing integration, software development, and enterprise architecture. He is currently the CTO at Motus, LLC and manages, a technology blog attracting both executives and technologists. Follow on Twitter for top cloud info.
  3. Dr. Alan F. CastilloWith a Doctorate in Cloud Computing and an MBA, Dr. Alan F. Castillo leverages 20+ years of transferable experience. Dr. Castillo utilizes his blog, Cloud Computing Technologies to showcase his cloud expertise. Follow him on Twitter for even more.
  4. Aaron Delp  &  Brian GracelyCo-founders of The Cloudcast, the industry’s leading, independent Cloud Computing podcast, is one to follow. Topics discussed include Cloud Computing, Open Source, AWS, and much more. Be sure to follow The Cloudcast on Twitter & co-hosts, @aarondelp & @bgracely.
  5. Heba Eid A technical content marketer for SaaS startups and medium-sized companies, Heba contributes a variety of posts to the Magalix blog on topics ranging from hybrid and multicloud to GitOps.
  6. Dana Gardner  – Founder of BriefingsDirect Blog which is the source for enterprise IT and cloud sourcing strategists, and currently the Director of Content at Traceable AI, Dana  provides powerful digital business transformation insights, making him a well-versed cloud influencer for tech marketers today. Do not miss his posts – follow him on Twitter.
  7. Lydia Leong – An analyst at Gartner for over 20 years and the author of her own blog, CloudPundit, Lydia covers cloud computing with a focus on Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service, and related topics in infrastructure and operations, internet services, and digital transformation. Follow Lydia on Twitter for quick insights.
  8. David LinthicumAs the current Chief Cloud Strategy Officer at Deloitte Consulting and active blogger on, David provides regular insight into cloud strategy, architecture, implementation and more. Follow him on Twitter and read his blog here.
  9. Bob ViolinoBob Violino is a freelance writer who covers a variety of technology and business innovation topics. His cloud experience is second to none. Check out his Twitter for the latest cloud info.
  10. Dr. Werner Vogels – Known as one of the forces behind Amazon’s approach to cloud computing, Werner brings his AWS, Cloud Computing expertise to his blog. Currently the VP & CTO at and previously a researcher at the Computer Science Department at Cornell University, Dr. Vogels specializes in systems technologies for enterprise computing. His blog All Things Distributed and Twitter are must-follows for AWS users.

Know someone who should be added to this list? Drop us a line and we’d love to consider adding them to the list for all tech marketers to witness their expertise. For additional insight, you can always explore cloud computing research on Foundry’s resources page.