The shift to cloud computing continues [infographic]

Cloud solutions are front and center. According to the 2022 Cloud Computing study, 69% of IT decision-makers agree that their organization has accelerated its migration to the cloud over the past 12 months, and close to 3/4 agree that their organization is defaulting to cloud-based services when upgrading or purchasing new technical capabilities. This infographic […]

Insight into EMEA cloud computing plans

Explore cloud computing trends in EMEA As EMEA companies increasingly see value from cloud migration, they’re pursuing a deliberate cloud-first or cloud-native approach to IT infrastructure. Foundry’s 2022 Cloud Computing Survey shows that IT leaders in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) are far more likely (84%) than those elsewhere to have accelerated their […]

Explore cloud computing trends in APAC

Cloud computing trends in the APAC region According to Foundry’s 2022 Cloud Computing research, just 27% of companies in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region currently have most or all of their IT environment in the cloud, compared to 41% globally – but they expect that to double to 53% in the next 18 months. While APAC […]

Cloud computing executive summary 2022

Insight into cloud computing trends The massive pandemic-driven shift to remote work has kicked the evolution toward cloud-first IT infrastructure into high gear. According to Foundry’s 2022 Cloud Computing research, 69% of companies have accelerated their cloud migration over the past 12 months, and the percentage of companies with most or all IT infrastructure in […]

Cloud computing study 2022

In its 9th year, Foundry’s 2022 Cloud Computing research was conducted to measure cloud computing trends among technology decision-makers, including usage and top growth areas, investments, business drivers, challenges, and shifting services and applications to the cloud. According to this years findings, 69% of organizations have accelerated their cloud migration over the past 12 months, […]

MarketingFit Guide to: Marketing Your Cloud Computing Products

Based on IDG’s Role & Influence of the Technology Decision-Maker and Customer Engagement research, this white paper dives into actionable insights regarding the cloud computing  purchase process. You’ll explore key fundamentals of the purchase process including: the important players, who holds the budget, and likelihood to seek a new cloud vendor. The research also details the top information sources […]

Marketing Cloud Computing Tools & Solutions

According to IDG’s 2020 Cloud Computing Survey, 32% of organizations’ total IT budget will be allocated to cloud computing over the next 12 months – opening huge opportunity for cloud solution providers. With cloud being a game changer for business strategy, it is not surprising that 92% of organization’s say their IT environment is in […]

Understanding the Cloud-Specific Purchase Process [Infographic]

Based on IDG’s 2020 Cloud Computing research, 32% of an organization’s IT budget will be allocated to cloud computing in the next year. This infographic shares insight into the specific cloud computing purchase process, such as the types of purchases being made whether they be additions, upgrades or replacements, the content types and information sources […]

2020 Cloud Computing Executive Summary

Cloud platforms are playing critical roles in helping businesses react to the current crisis as they enable operational resiliency and provide necessary work from home tools. This executive summary provides insight into IDG’s 2020 cloud computing research – outlining cloud computing trends among technology decision-makers, specifically their use, goals, and challenges with multi-cloud as well […]

2020 Cloud Computing Study

As organizations continue to realize benefits from cloud computing, there is no question that cloud tools and solutions are here to stay. IDG’s 2020 Cloud Computing research measures cloud computing trends among technology decision-makers (ITDMs) including their current and future plans when it comes to migrating applications/workloads to the cloud, investments, and business drivers. The […]