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Join Rick Currier and special guest Angela Salerno, Sr. Director of WW Partner Marketing at Cribl for another captivating episode of On the Road. From reliving honeymoon adventures to discussing the intricacies of startup marketing, the duo navigates topics like understanding the full business apparatus, the importance of partner engagement and UX, and the challenges faced in the startup marketing landscape. As the conversation unfolds, they explore strategies for effective partner marketing, touching on partner portals, UX optimization, and the significance of leaving space for fun in professional endeavors. With plans for relaunching partner portals and measuring partner satisfaction, Angela shares her excitement for mutual growth and expansion with partners, creating an episode that serves up a delightful mix of industry wisdom and personal stories.

Navigating the partner marketing landscape: insights from Angela Salerno at Cribl

In a recent episode of On The Road, Rick Currier sat down with Angela Salerno, the dynamic leader of global partner marketing at Cribl. Their conversation delved into the intricacies of partner marketing, startup challenges, and the importance of a clear vision in driving business success.

Cribl: The data engine of IT security

Cribl, an infrastructure software company, positions itself as the “data engine of IT security.” Salerno explained, “We’re trying to solve the data challenges for IT professionals, from where data starts, how it’s stored, to its destination and format, and how it’s recalled when needed”​​. This mission underpins Cribl’s approach to innovation and customer satisfaction, aiming to streamline data management processes for its clients.

Leading global partner marketing

Salerno’s role at Cribl involves running the global partner marketing organization, a relatively new initiative that has been in place for about two quarters. “We’re focused on global reach and scale across all partner categories, from traditional resales to service providers and technology alliances,” she noted​​. Her team is primarily driven by demand generation, which she acknowledges as a critical driver of business growth.

However, Salerno emphasizes that partner marketing isn’t just about generating revenue. It’s also about enhancing partner engagement and satisfaction. “It’s about making sure you’re energizing towards a partner UX and engagement, which can get a little squishy and isn’t always data-driven”​​. This blend of art and science in partner marketing is crucial for maintaining strong, productive relationships with partners.

The startup mentality

Reflecting on her experience, Salerno highlighted the importance of a startup mindset in fostering resilience and innovation. “Startup culture provides you with challenges that build grit and tenacity,” she shared. This environment encourages quick failure and learning, essential traits for navigating the fast-paced world of technology startups​​.

Cribl’s commitment to a “partner first” approach from its early days has been a significant advantage. “By declaring partner first early on, Cribl avoided many of the barriers that companies face when they delay this decision,” Salerno explained​​. This strategic choice has streamlined Cribl’s operations and positioned it for sustained growth and success in a competitive market.

The importance of vision

A recurring theme in their discussion was the need for a clear vision in business operations. Salerno cited Simon Sinek’s concept of the “three whys” as a guiding principle for partner marketing. “We should always ask why we’re doing something to ensure it aligns with our goals and drives meaningful results,” she said​​. This approach helps maintain focus and effectiveness, particularly in the ever-evolving landscape of partner marketing.

Challenges and innovations in partner portals

One area where Salerno has made significant strides is in developing effective partner portals.

“Partner portals should enhance partner UX and engagement,”Angela Salerno

Drawing on her varied experiences, she advocates for solutions that avoid the pitfalls of DIY approaches and instead leverage specialized expertise to create impactful tools​​.

A glimpse into Angela Salerno

Beyond her professional insights, the interview also offered a glimpse into Salerno’s personality through a fun lightning round. When asked about her favourite pizza toppings, she quickly responded, “Pepperoni, mushrooms, and olives—all three or not at all!”​​. This playful exchange highlighted her down-to-earth nature and added a personal touch to the conversation.


Angela Salerno’s journey at Cribl and her broader career in partner marketing provide valuable lessons in leadership, innovation, and strategic thinking. Her emphasis on partner engagement, clear vision, and the resilience fostered by startup culture offers a blueprint for success in the competitive world of technology marketing. As Cribl continues to grow, Salerno’s insights and leadership will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping its future.

Angela Salerno is the Sr. Director of WW Partner Marketing at Cribl.

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