Episode 1: March 14, 2022

Despite foundational market changes, event marketing initiatives continue to be among the most effective ways for businesses to reach their most important audiences.

Listen in on an informative discussion between Laurie Buczek, Research Vice President, CMO Advisory Practices, IDC and Nicole Peck, Vice President, Marketing Global Events, Foundry.


Key Themes

  • How the next era of event marketing aligns customer centricity, community building, and blended physical and digital experiences to make lasting brand impressions.
  • Where aligning the functions of marketing and sales over the “why” of events can amplify the impact of this transformation.
  • How the digitization of events has bolstered B2B omni-channel marketing.
  • Why measurement works best when it goes beyond output (i.e.: leads and tickets) and instead reflects outcomes (i.e.: engagement and loyalty).

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