Explore Tech Priorities & Investments Amid the Pandemic [Webcast]

How are IT decision-makers (ITDMs) tackling digital transformation efforts and balancing their time and budgets during the COVID-19 pandemic? CIO’s 2020 CIO Pandemic Business Impact study reveals how ITDMs are managing and exceling 6 months in. Join us as John Gallant, Enterprise Consulting Director, IDG Communications, shares key industry insight on how the technology roadmap has been altered due to the pandemic.

Key Takeaways:

  • Stabilizing IT Budgets: 76% of ITDMs anticipate their tech budgets will increase or remain the same during the next 12 months, compared to 65% who said this in April 2020.
  • Business Priorities: ITDMs shared that their CEO’s top three tech priorities are to help their business push through the pandemic, leading digital business initiatives and improving remote work experiences.
  • Tech Investments: In order to become a digital business, organizations anticipate spending more towards big data/analytics, business process management tools, and mobile devices.

Watch the full webcast for an insightful deep dive into CIO’s pandemic business research.



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