Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, social and work restrictions have been in place in many areas throughout the United States since mid-March. To get a better understanding of how organizations were prepared from a security perspective and the impact that security leaders expect to be long lasting, CSO conducted the CSO Pandemic Impact Survey, which surveyed 150 security leaders at some of the nation’s largest organizations. See below for key findings and sample slides.

Key Findings:

  • Three months ago, 16.5% of employees worked from home at least 60% of the time. As of March 23rd, that number climbed to 78%
  • 81% of security leaders expressed confidence that their existing security infrastructure could handle their employees working from home
  • However, only 54% of respondents indicated that their pandemic/resiliency plans had them prepared for the current situation
  • About one-quarter (26%) of organizations have seen an increase in the volume, severity, and/or scope of cyber-attacks since March 12th
  • 73% of security executives believe that the impact of this pandemic will alter the way their business evaluates risk for at least the next five years

Additional insight can be found in the blog and infographic highlighting the research. To request an in-depth research briefing on the full study, please fill out the form to the right.