Clearwave leverages the Foundry ABM platform, intent data, and website personalization to increase pipeline velocity, winning deals faster.

The client

Clearwave, established in 2004, is a comprehensive patient engagement platform that improves profitability, productivity and digital patient access for the healthcare industry. Its product streamlines and automates the patient registration process, enabling healthcare providers to enhance the patient experience, maximize revenue performance, and reduce staff time spent on administrative tasks. Their mission is to be the premier provider of self- service patient engagement.

Client challenge

Clearwave, an industry leader in a vast market, wanted to improve their brand awareness cost-effectively and reduce long sales cycle lengths. The team also saw the need to curate a personalized experience that spoke to buyers’ unique challenges in tandem with positioning their product and services as the solution buyers were looking for. Marketing saw the benefits in equipping the sales team with buyer purchase signals via intent data to align sales outbound efforts, and marketing’s go-to-market strategy. The team wanted to know what messages resonate with web visitors, and which ads were receiving positive engagement, so sales and marketing could fine tune and act on these insights together, in real time.

ABM solution

By leveraging intent data and personalization features in Foundry ABM, the team saw an opportunity to engage with likely buyers more effectively. Utilizing one of Foundry’s integrations, Clearwave was able to pull audiences from Salesforce to build a customized buyer’s journey for in-market decision makers. The Clearwave team leveraged intent for web personalization to create a highly personalized and engaging experience for buyers. To achieve stronger alignment with sales, Clearwave’s marketing team utilized Foundry dashboards to give their sales team a clearer picture of their accounts. Foundry dashboards provide the sales team with relevant intelligence on hot accounts, including a prospect dashboard for each territory displaying regional account activity, open opportunities, and providing sales activation alerts. Account-level insights in the Foundry dashboard inform BDRs and AEs of accounts showing purchase intent, accounts revisiting the website, and accounts with interest in competitors, keeping the sales team two steps ahead of the competition.


Since implementing its ABM strategy, intuitive account data and Foundry dashboards to view account level activity, the Clearwave team has revisited their ICPs and created more accurate buyer profiles to target. Alongside a new sales process, Clearwave has noticed a 20% reduction in time to close by curating a personalized experience and fostering an aligned sales and marketing strategy.

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