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Episode 1

Building a successful partner marketing organization

VP Global Partner Marketing Carlos Roman of Okta shares the framework for building a successful partner marketing organization.

Episode 2

Taking risks and winning big

Maisa Fernandez, Director of Global Partner Marketing at ServiceNow, delves into the world of tech marketing and how taking risks can lead to big wins.

Episode 3

The secret to becoming a successful partner marketer

Ani Hagopian, Senior Partner Marketing Manager at Microsoft, shares the inspiring story of her rise to one of the tech industry’s giants and the secret to becoming a successful partner marketer.

Episode 4

The state of tech buying

Rick is joined by John Gallant, the Enterprise Consulting Director at Foundry. Together, they pull back the curtain on the strategies required to navigate the ever-evolving world of tech buying.

Episode 5

The four pillars of driving marketing growth

Join Rick in a captivating discussion with Melissa Nacerino, VP Global Partner Marketing at Zscaler, as she imparts valuable insights on harnessing brand awareness, engagement, and enablement for impactful pipeline growth.

Episode 6

Navigating partner marketing challenges and opportunities

This episode offers a rich exploration of the importance of communication, understanding partnership goals, and the timeless mantra that ‘Content is King’. Rick sits down with Hondo Lewis, Foundry’s Sr. Director of Sales, as he shares his remarkable journey from Bay Area band life to a leading figure in Partner Marketing at Foundry.

Episode 7

Winning formulas for marketing alignment

Dan shares insights into the challenges of navigating the diverse world of partnership and discusses the impact of the pandemic on relationship building, the importance of internal collaboration, and the metrics that drive success.

Episode 8

Elevating through stories

Join Rick in discussion with Matt Berry, CEO at Conversion Marketing, for expert tips on simplifying and clarifying company stories for effective communication.

Episode 9

Breaking down partner marketing and the story behind the podcast

Join Rick and Rachael Ferranti, VP of Marketing at Foundry, as they dive into the nuances of partner marketing programs, the art of storytelling in B2B, and an exciting inside look into the story behind the podcast.