Social media has evolved far past its origin as an online network primarily for personal use. Today, social media has become a critical medium for marketers to reach and engage with current and future customers. Social media has become so important, in fact, that IDG research found 93% of IT decision-makers use social media for business purposes. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for marketers to find the balance between using social as a promotion tool while also fostering meaningful connections and conversations.

We are happy to help decipher this for you with our MarketingFit Social Media Marketing 101, a guide to help technology marketers hone their social media strategy to build relationships, connect with prospects and thought leaders, and use social to drive business. Here is a sampling of what the guide has to offer:

  1. Building Trust Comes First: It’s important that your social media strategy provides users with resources they can find value in, but in order to connect with tech buyers, it’s also important to practice social listening. The guide discusses how to listen to potential customers on social channels and develop a strategy to engage with users in a manner that will suit their needs while showing that you care. Additionally, the guide shares that it’s helpful to tie your content strategy in with your social efforts for strong cross-promotion of all assets and full exposure. Following these tips will help to establish your organization as trustworthy and knowledgeable, resulting in quality engagements that can drive business, rather than shouting into the void.
  2. Understanding How Tech Buyers Use Social: IDG’s social guru, Clare Brown, weighs in on how IT decision-makers use social to satisfy a variety of needs, and shares the research to support what channels IT buyers are most likely to be found. Brown also discusses the impact influencers can have in B2B strategy. In short, this section helps you zero in on what tech buyers are looking for! Plus, don’t miss Brown discuss how social is a great tool to gather aggregate data that will help inform your marketing strategy.
  3. Establishing Social: While most organizations have a presence on social media, taking steps to enhance the existing strategy is always important. The social media guide also shares quick fundamental tips to establish the principles of social business, from a data management platform, to branding, and hashtag use. These tips are great for marketing teams who need to ramp up, streamline and improve their efforts.

MarketingFit Social Media Marketing 101 shares how to better engage tech buyers through the unique capabilities of social media. This guide will assist in developing a strategic approach to use social to its fullest capacity and connect with key buyers across multiple channels. To learn more, download the full guide today.