IDG’s global portfolio of trusted editorial brands continues to serve its worldwide audience of IT decision-makers and technology consumers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Our editors didn’t miss a beat in switching to remote working, and our Quality Matters, reader-focused mission means that IDG’s brands are the place to find independent, expert advice on how to use technology to support your business and your family through this most difficult of times.

Across our Enterprise, Consumer and Channel brands, we have refocused content to service the demand we are seeing across the world, and are ramping up coverage of trending topics as we see increasing numbers of users seeking our counsel. And we’re committed to continuing to publish multimedia content so that our users can hear familiar voices and see faces they know experiencing similar situations to their own.

The mission of IDG editorial is to provide the best technology advice in the world, every day of the year.   Here is some of the latest content from our global editorial teams:

Enterprise / B2B

We continue to monitor the needs of IT leaders, responding to demand on the following topics: pivoting to remote working and dispersed workforce, disaster management, the increasing importance of IT in a time of crisis, how to manage IT in a downturn, and the new security issues of having staff outside the building. We are seeing audience interest around all topics that relate to purchasing technology and platforms that allow businesses to keep on rolling with staff dispersed to their homes: hardware and software, collaboration tools, telephony, network infrastructure. IT people are like us – they keep on trucking, and they seek trusted information to make critical decisions.  Additionally, each publication has a regularly updated, dedicated COVID-19 page based on their audience, including:

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Consumer / B2C

IDG’s global network of B2C publications are where transaction happens, providing expert advice on purchasing technology, and getting more from the tech you own. People are still purchasing technology. To assist, we’re nudging our deals content to work-from-home hardware such as surge protectors, displays, USB hubs, etc, as well as practical necessities such as webcams and microphones. Beyond work and home office, we are sharing information around connected exercise equipment, game consoles, software and games to entertain and educate children, and anything else that speaks to a sheltered lifestyle. Finding worthwhile deals is becoming difficult as key items aren’t being discounted, prices surge, and ship times are becoming untenably long. IDG’s editors continue to do that legwork on behalf of our readers, focused on surfacing true value in all the markets across the world in which we focus.

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Channel Partners

As COVID-19 concerns continue to escalate, and the economic ramifications ring out across the industry, the technology channel is being tested to the limit. IDG’s Channel publications in Asia are here to provide the insights and information they need. Spanning both technology and business, core topics include: Business Continuity; Cloud; Remote Working; Security; Services and Strategy. This will also be linked to a news feed tracking COVID-19 related channel articles, ensuring the ecosystem can make informed and reliable decisions through a trusted source.

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