As COVID-19 concerns continue to escalate, and the economic ramifications ring out across the industry, the technology channel is being tested to the limit. IDG’s Channel publications in Asia are here to provide the insights and information they need with COVID-19 Central. These portals can be viewed here:

Additional articles around this topic include:

In response to containment measures deployed across all regions, partners are working vigorously to ensure customers remain operational during this time of crisis, while also juggling rising financial issues caused by such a downturn in business. The market is under pressure to weather a storm with no current end date in sight. Yet critical business decisions must be made for partners to navigate the pandemic.

As the leading independent channel voice in Asia Pacific, COVID-19 Central will provide relevant and local content specific to each market, ensuring partners can access all critical information in one location. The resource is designed to help partners access educational and informative content in relation to the outbreak across Asia, delivered on-demand in recognition of heightened frontline working hours.

Spanning both technology and business, core topics include: Business Continuity; Cloud; Remote Working; Security; Services and Strategy. This will also be linked to a news feed tracking COVID-19 related channel articles, ensuring the ecosystem can make informed and reliable decisions through a trusted source.

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