Today, IDG announced that it has acquired Triblio, a Reston, Virginia-headquartered developer of a SaaS platform for account-based marketing (ABM). Obviously, we’re delighted and we think that this is an important milestone for both IDG and the wider world of CMOs and marketing technology. Here’s why…

Today, CMOs and marketing teams have their work cut out. In a digitizing world they are looking to ABM to build their understanding of audiences, pique their interest, track intent and activate sales. Depending on your source of choice there are something like 7,000 or even 8,000 companies operating in the marketing technology space. Combining the power of IDG’s quality content, 1st party data and marketing services with Triblio’s best-in-class technology creates an end-to-end offer for them. That means no more stitching together boutique offerings to make one marketing automation portfolio.

With this acquisition, we have created one of the most powerful platforms for B2B marketing teams to engage the right buyers in the right accounts at the right time through the right channels. IDG’s media, 1st party data, and global reach combined with Triblio’s best-in-class ABM SaaS product gives our customers a unique end-to-end platform to find and acquire customers.

We plan to throw the full weight of our people all over the world at making Triblio’s technology front and centre of how marketers interact with customers and prospects. With us at their side, they can follow their audiences throughout the buying journey and deliver the transparency and analytical intelligence that their colleagues in sales need and want.

But the world of marketing clouds won’t end with ABM. We need to keep developing marketing technology with advertising integration, buyer intent insights, and marketing campaign orchestration to know more and better serve our customers.

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