For more than 50 years, IDG’s global enterprise brands have represented communities of IT decision-makers in multiple languages across the globe. Together we have seen the technology and business landscape transform, as well as the need for technology to surge during times of uncertainty, like today. Each of our brands provides uniquely useful information and advocates for those groups in many different regions, for example: CIO for IT and business leadership, CSO security-specific IT leadership, Computerworld for IT management and professionals, Network World networking professionals, and Infoworld for developers, architects, engineers, dev ops. As business leaders are looking to IT to help their business function and thrive, we are the community providing the advice they need.

We continue to monitor the needs of our valued audience and are creating more content around high demand areas: pivoting to remote working and dispersed workforce, disaster management, the increasing importance of IT in a time of crisis, how to manage IT in a downturn, and the new security issues of having your staff outside the building. We are seeing audience interest around all topics that relate to purchasing technology and platforms that allow businesses to keep on rolling with staff dispersed to their homes: hardware and software, collaboration tools, telephony, network infrastructure. IT people are like us – they keep on trucking, and they seek trusted information to make critical decisions. Each publication has a regularly updated, dedicated COVID-19 page that addresses the issues that resonate with that targeted community through analysis and advice:

Additionally, our flagship reader subscription publication IDG Insider Pro is making all COVID-19 information free to all readers:

If you prefer to watch your news, we are sharing this information with our millions of social followers, email subscribers, and have created new video/audio content and a dedicated playlist:

We are with our readers every step of the way and will be rolling out several waves of special collections of related stories and research across all brands, each designed to support our communities through this difficult time, including:

  • Navigating the pandemic
  • How IT is adapting to the downturn
  • Collaboration Tech Spotlight
  • Technology against Coronavirus*
  • Why you should invest in IT during a downturn

*Spanish language

Stay well, and we will continue to share more resources to help IT decision-makers build and execute strategies during this time.