In our second study gauging technology executives’ focus and perspective in the era of COVID-19, we may be seeing a glimmer of hope that technology’s value is being realized and being viewed as a key element in navigating business challenges and driving business forward. In the current study, 41% of ITDMs anticipate their tech budgets will increase in the next 12 months (bouncing back from 25% in April), and another 35% expect budgets to be stable. But perhaps even more telling, while organizations are cutting expenses in many areas, only 23% anticipate that their tech budgets will be cut, compared with 35% who were expecting such action back in April.

Technology’s bellwether status seems to rely on organizations accelerated need to digitally transform – in fact CEOs’ top priority for IT continues to be to lead digital business/digital transformation initiatives. With employees WFH, entire industries being disrupted, and customers wanting to interact with companies differently, 59% of respondents agree that the effects of the pandemic are accelerating their digital transformation efforts.

The digital business objectives that have greater importance due to COVID-19 include increased operational efficiency (as stated by 64% of respondents), better customer experience (58%), and improved security (53%). While cost control/expense management remains a focus, there is an uptick in focus on redesigning business processes, developing new go-to-market strategies & technologies, and studying market trends/customer needs to identify commercial opportunities.

To accelerate their digital business efforts, companies are increasing their investments in big data/analytics (38%), business process management (33%), mobile devices (33%), artificial intelligence (AI) (32%), and mobile apps (32%). And while the technologies may be readily available, hiring the necessary talent to get the most out of the technologies could be a challenge. Of those organizations who are planning to hire AI technical talent, 41% anticipate having difficulty filling those positions. And that difficulty is not made easier by the barriers of location being removed – only 38% of survey respondents felt that attracting and hiring talent would be easier given organization acceptance of WFH.

COVID-19 continues to change how we work, with the majority of organizations (52%) saying they won’t see employees back in the office in 2020, and organizations are facing the reality that on average only 23% of their workforce needs to be in the office for their business to be fully operational. Oh, those leases that were recently signed!

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