Transforming data into a valuable business asset isn’t always easy. But in a rapidly evolving tech environment, this demand is growing fast. According to IDG: 67% of enterprises agree that the pandemic accelerated their organization’s data-driven strategy. And at the moment, 34% are in the process of implementing or testing data-driven projects—with another 13% planning to deploy over the next 12 months.

As a marketer, using data and perhaps selling data and analytics solutions – means understanding how customers think strategically about and use data. IDG’s research enables you to uncover these insights; however, continuing to further your acumen through thought leadership will help separate you even farther from your competition. And to help you on this learning journey: We’ve created a tailored content page at InfoWorld dedicated to assisting you in all things analytics.

In addition, combining a mix of strategic overviews and tactical insights: Below we have curated a list of 14 data & analytics thought leaders whose expertise – whether it’s through blogging, podcasts, speaking events, etc. – you can learn from to better use data and talk data with your customers and prospects.

Meet the Bloggers

Photos of the Data & Analytics Bloggers

Jill Dyché – “Data for Good” is at the heart of Jill’s writing. Targeting her data knowledge towards the C-Suite, she speaks and writes about why analytics is a competitive advantage. Jill’s work has been featured in leading magazines and journals including,, Computerworld, and You’ll find engaging and thoughtful articles on her homepage: Follow her on Twitter @jilldyche.

Wayne Eckerson An internationally recognized thought leader, Wayne is an author, speaker, and founder of the Eckerson Group. He has a knack for turning complex data topics into digestible, ready-to-apply insights. Wayne’s book: The Secrets of Analytical Leaders: Insights from Information Insiders, is one defining example of this. He also writes actively on his company’s website: Follow him on Twitter @weckerson.

Laura Ellis – Currently the Analytics Architect for IBM Cloud: Laura believes in making data science and analytics accessible to everyone. Her brand, “Little Miss Data,” is packed with personality. You can dive into easy-to-read blogs or step-by-step video tutorials—and start uncovering data insights seamlessly. Check out her website: Follow her on Twitter @LittleMissData.

Karen Grace-Martin – Founder & President of The Analysis Factor, Karen has worked with everyone from university students to Ivy League professors, as well as businesses and nonprofits. The co-author of Data Analysis with SPSS—her published teachings and free webinars give data enthusiasts a clear, accessible learning journey. Check out the latest from Karen and her team at Follow them on Twitter @analysis_factor.

Avinash Kaushik – The Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google, Avinash has published his unique insights into two best-selling books: Web Analytics 2.0 &Web Analytics: An Hour A Day. In addition, his popular blog Occam’s Razor, gives tips and the newest solutions to complex challenges in the areas of analytics and marketing. Follow him on Twitter @avinash.

Cassie Kozyrkov – Head of Decision Intelligence at Google, Cassie’s resume is truly breathtaking. During her tenure, she has stated to have personally trained over 20,000 “Googlers” in the field of analytics. But what do we love most? Her work is becoming a force for good – “(leading) a mission to democratize Decision Intelligence and safe, reliable AI.” Make sure to read Cassie’s blog, and follow her on Twitter @quaesita.

Ben Lorica – Formerly the Chief Data Scientist at O’Reilly Media—Ben has collected a wealth of industry knowledge. And fortunately for marketers, now he’s founded The Data Exchange Podcast. Which is an independent series focusing on turning his data insights into actionable advice. Everything from technology trends to the latest tools in the world of data and analysis. In addition, you can follow Ben on his blog The Practical Quant. Follow him on Twitter @bigdata.

Lea Pica – Building digital analytics practices for companies like Scholastic, Victoria’s Secret, and Prudential—Lea’s resume is unmatched. But what really separates her is an enduring commitment to the power of data storytelling. Through Lea’s work, companies learn how to use data to connect with their consumers in a deeper, more meaningful way. You can learn about the future of data storytelling on Lea’s blog Follow her on Twitter at @LeaPica.

Gil Press – What’s The Big Data? That’s the question you’ll find Gil answering on his weekly blog. With writing that’s brimming with one-of-a-kind insights, he’s extremely well versed in estimating the size and growth of digital data. Also, a Senior Contributor for Forbes, Gil’s topics range from data trends—to practical startup advice. Don’t miss his latest here Follow him on Twitter @gilpress.

Isaac Sacolick – Previously an industry leading CIO, Isaac’s writing has served as the perfect platform to share his big ideas around big data. He’s been recognized by Forbes as a Top 20 Social CIO. And currently he’s contributing editor for CIO and InfoWorld—as well as an industry speaker in big data analytics. Read Isaac’s blog: Social, Agile, and Transformation. Follow him on Twitter @nyike.

Krista Seiden The leading voice behind Google Analytics and many of its educational materials—Krista is one of data’s most accomplished thought leaders. Most recently, she channeled this groundbreaking expertise into the founding of KS Digital. A mission dedicated to helping companies improve their performance in digital marketing and analytics. You can keep up with Krista’s cutting-edge insights on her website Follow her on Twitter @kristaseiden.

Ryan Swanstrom – Making the journey from a career in software engineering to data science isn’t a piece of cake. But that’s exactly what Ryan did. Beginning with his very first entry in February of 2012, he’s shared with readers key data lessons he’s learned along the way. Fast forward to today, and Ryan is now a director of data science, and an entrepreneur. Learn from Ryan’s journey on his blog Follow him on Twitter @ryanswanstrom.

Ronald van Loon – Recognized as a top 10 global influencer in big data & analytics: Ronald is dedicated to advancing education and thought leadership within the field. With nearly 250,000 followers on Twitter, his highly sought-after content focuses on helping data-driven companies generate all-new business value. Find popular reads on his LinkedIn Articles. Follow him on Twitter @Ronald_vanLoon.

Nathan Yau – After earning a PHD in statistics from UCLA, Nathan has specialized in data visualization. From statistical charts to infographics and even data art—he’s determined to help as many people as possible understand and interpret data. He’s written popular books on the subject and was awarded by FastCompany for his work in the category of Graphic Design & Data Visualization. Learn from Nathan on his website Follow him on Twitter @flowingdata.

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Smart Data Collective – One of the largest and most trusted communities covering big data & analytics—Smart Data Collective is loaded with accessible, everyday content. Whether you’re looking for data insights in a specific tech sector or need to stay current with emerging tools and trends, there’s informative content for every marketing need. Check out their articles here at Follow them on Twitter @SmartData.

Towards Data Science – Totaling over 562,000 followers on Medium, Towards Data Science shares can’t miss concepts, ideas, and codes. And because they rely on over 5,000 volunteer writers from around the world—every post is overflowing with unique and diverse perspectives from the field of data. Give them a read Follow them on Twitter @TDataScience.