Orchestration is a holistic, automated approach to ABM that dynamically adjusts to your account’s activities. Encompassing an ABM program’s functions from start to finish, orchestration makes small nuances simple and automatic. With the ability to adapt in real-time from third and first-party intent signals sourced from prospective and customer account activity, orchestration provides marketers a strategic advantage. Marketers want technology to predict, orchestrate, and execute data-driven campaigns that make us more effective at generating demand and building pipeline.    

1. Cross channel and full funnel 

Mature orchestration programs are going to be both full-funnel and cross-channel. As a buyer moves through the funnel they will be looking at different channels at different points in the purchase journey. Buyers look at various places for information; such as your website, LinkedIn, or their inbox. This is why having cross-channel tactics in your orchestration is so important: so that no matter where your buyer is looking for information, you are able to reach them.

Orchestration is also full-funnel, marketers have to be able to take broad marketing tactics in early consideration stages to narrow down the funnel. Narrowing the funnel with orchestration helps trigger the right sales plays, delivering the right messages to the right people at the right time.

2. Sales & marketing alignment 

Orchestration provides both marketing and sales with a data-driven approach to finding and targeting the highest-fit accounts. Once accounts are segmented and scored based on their advertising needs, marketers have the ability to easily identify accounts showing the most engagement and most likely to convert. 

 Once your high-fit, high-intent accounts are segmented, the accounts are then handed off to the sales team with related sales plays. The SDRs are provided with accounts with the highest likelihood of converting. Driven by intent data, orchestration is very effective; selecting both what messages to market and which accounts to target, establishing strong alignment between marketing and sales. 

3. Target the highest fit, highest intent accounts

Orchestration creates an automated process for targeting the highest fit and highest intent accounts in the funnel. Once these accounts are automatically prioritized, they are further broken down into different messaging playbooks. From playbooks, the accounts are then handed off to the right rep in the right territory — all at scale. Scaling account lists allow SDRs to spend time on the right accounts, creating efficiency and improving ROI.

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