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Welcome back to the last and final instalment of our ABM ROI Series! In case you missed parts 1 and 2, here is where we introduce the idea of running a cohort analysis to get your ABM ROI, and here is where we discuss the important goals and metrics to focus on when measuring ABM ROI. 

In this post, we go beyond measurement and tackle practical ways to improve your ABM ROI. We’re choosing to focus on sales activation because that’s a big part of delivering a positive ROI from your marketing program. ABM success relies on not just teeing up warm accounts but also making sure that sales has everything they need to prioritize those accounts and follow up accordingly. 

3 Sales Tactics You Can Try Now

Marketing and sales teams are always looking for new ways to break into accounts to increase engagement with prospective customers. Sure, the bottom line may be to convert these prospects into customers, but in B2B sales, there’s usually a lot of steps in between. A key step is that first point of contact with sales. How do you make sales outreach more tactful and effective?

Through sales orchestration, marketers are able to help sales teams know when to reach out and who to reach out to. Here are three proven plays that we’ve seen work with customers.

Tactic 1: Cold Lead, Hot Account

This is when you use orchestration to make sure your BDRs follow up with hot accounts that your lead scoring system is missing. Account-based orchestration allows you to see when multiple stakeholders from the same account show interest in your content and campaigns, even when none of the individual leads is showing high levels of activity. Stay on top of total account activity to uncover “hidden” opportunities ripe for sales conversations.

Tactic 2: Calling the Right Sales Plays

Just knowing that an account is actively in a buying cycle isn’t enough. Salespeople want to get off on the right foot and approach hot accounts with compelling messaging and offers right off the bat. By incorporating intent topics into your orchestration, you can take some of the guesswork out of that first meeting and tee up the most compelling offers and messaging automatically. Calling sales play allows for faster, more targeted follow-up from AEs.

Tactic 3: Follow-Up with Personalized Landing Pages

Chances are, your sales team doesn’t utilize all the content that marketing produces to its fullest extent. That’s where personalized landing pages come into play. At Triblio, we have a Smart Page feature, where marketing can preload content that’s aligned to the interests of different segments. Then, you can go the extra mile to personalize by account name, account rep contact info, and any other available account detail using merge fields. We’ve seen great success within our own BDR team, where the reply rate for certain campaigns improved by 4X after incorporating Smart Pages.

We’ve seen firsthand how these proven ABM tactics have helped sales reps make first contact with key accounts. Marketing can indeed help AEs and SDRs improve productivity and grow pipeline.

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