Hopefully the immediate business adjustments and re-prioritization of efforts are behind you – making sure employees are safe and staying healthy, getting people set up in their new work from home office spaces, staying connected, etc. – during these very unique times. And if so, your sights have probably returned to driving business forward and the hole in your demand gen pipeline, left vacant by the pull back in physical events, has become obvious.

When you think about all the efforts you and your team have put into planning for your physical events presence over the next several months, you may not see how all that work can be repurposed to continue to educate and engage your customers – and drive leads.

  1. Transitioning Face-to-Face Collateral to Email: Think about all of the materials you have already created – all of that collateral you prepped to hand out and the booth scripts you crafted for discussions with attendees. Transform those scripts into email copy and include links to your content assets to engage leads. Our research shows that IT decision-makers (ITDMs) download an average of five pieces of content during the purchase process, and not being able to find or access enough relevant content can negatively impact their view of a company they are researching.
  2. New Formats for Product Demos: We know that ITDMs love product demos. Our research shows that 84% of ITDMs are willing to share info with a tech vendor to gain access to content – and demos are the #1 thing they will register for. Isn’t that why you developed them in the first place? Transition your demo to a digital platform that allows your experts to demo the solution, engage participants and answer their questions (and record the session for additional lead gen after the fact).
  3. Capture Your Speaking Sessions for On-demand Viewership: Remember how long it took you to line up that SME, and the hours of prep for the right message? You definitely don’t want that to go to waste! Transition this session into a webcast by setting it up as an interview, panel discussion, or even a TV show. You can capture your organization’s thought leadership message and communicate it to a wider audience. We know this audience engages with webcasts – 71% of ITDMs have registered for a work-related webcast in the past 12 months.

For more information on the content that ITDMs rely on to keep up-to-date with technology, access our Customer Engagement research. And if we can help you leverage your physical events efforts – whether through a virtual Keynotes & Conversation event, a virtual roundtable, or a full-service webcast, contact us.